Is the end near for Apple’s iPod classic?

Apple Online Store“Stock of the iPod classic is on the decline at several retailers, a report observes,” iPodNN reports.

“At Apple’s online store, for instance, the silver Classic is now shipping in one to three days, as compared to 24 hours last week,” iPodNN reports. “Best Buy’s website notes that the same color has gone from one-day shipping last week to being backordered by one to to two weeks. At Target, shipping times are now listed as two to four weeks.”

iPodNN reports, “The black-tinted Classic appears to be unaffected by shortages. Apple allowing silver stock to fall low could nevertheless signal plans to kill off one or both models, or else finally release an update.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Some people say that iPod classic is an anachronism and, as a reader once emailed us, “there’s no need to attempt to carry around all of your media unless you don’t understand playlists.” Others swear by the device. Do you use an iPod classic? If so, why do you choose that iPod model?


  1. I love my 6th Gen 80GB Classic, it’s mainly used in my car and at the gym (though I should start using my Shuffle there). I can put most all of my music on there so I have anything I want to listen to with me. I can’t do that on my 32GB iPhone, as videos and apps take up space as well. My iPod Classic has been going strong for a while now (3 years I guess), and it shows no signs of stopping. But if Apple announced they were discontinuing the Classic, I’d probably go buy a new one so I know I’d have a working unit long into the future. Touch gestures are nice, but for things like the gym, a physical button and wheel are much better, as you don’t have to be looking at the device, or take your eyes off what you’re doing. Until the storage of the Touch exceeds 64GB, I wouldn’t consider getting one since I already have an iPhone.

  2. I replaced my trusty 80GB 5th Gen iPod with a new 160GB in December as the hard drive was starting to fail and it would not play the Audible Enhanced Format files. I think the Classic will remain as long as the max capacity of the Touch is only 64GB

  3. On another note…

    I don’t want a streaming requirement for my music player (leave it as an option, personally… I don’t want to depend on internet / phone services for my multimedia playing.) Like Steve Jobs stated before, people want to own music, not stream it. And if I was Apple, I wouldn’t fix something that isn’t broken no matter what their cloud services bear on us. Since it is possible, I prefer having my multimedia reside on the product I’m using. Anything that derails from that will not be something I’ll purchase.

    When it comes to Apple TV, not having your multimedia on it works fine, given it works fine with your computer multimedia and isn’t meant to be portable and travel where you go.

    128 GB iPod touch, please!

  4. I still don’t have a car that I can hook up my v1 U2 iPod to. I may not anytime soon either. So it sits in my bedroom. It was never meant to go workout with as my 1 GB shuffle does that job perfectly rain or shine.

  5. I have an iPod Classic (purchased last year) that I use to store my entire music collection. I use a new Nano when I work out, but I appreciate having the ability to carry all of my music with me on the Classic.

  6. @ Wha

    Very true. So many of the places I go don’t have any cell reception, streaming music up in the mountains is just not an option. And you know what? I don’t WANT reception up there. I just want to be alone with my music and my bike.

  7. My classic is the only iPod of the 5 that I own which can accommodate my entire 147 GB music library. Until an iPod Touch has a larger memory this will be my go to when I travel or am asked to bring my music to play at a party. I use playlists for sorting all of my library into country, dance, dinner music, oldies and so on. But having it all in one place is convenient.

  8. I have a classic in each car. Every month or so, I sync and it adds any new CDs. I have several hundred books on tape that I often use on road trips.
    I could probably make do with a 130 Gb touch, if they will ever make them.

  9. The problem of all touch iPods.
    Gloves… I am outside working, or inside, with gloves on.
    A full touch only device does not work for me, I have an iPod nano 5th gen with a cheap $5 remote I found on amazon. Only way I can use it at work. I may go buy a classic just in case the nano dies.
    The remote works with my iPhone with the error I have to dismiss…
    I don’t like the earbuds with the in line remote, and apples version is the worst.. Sorry, it’s the one thing apple really fails at. I can only have it in one ear anyway, so cheap earbuds and the cheap remote.

  10. I can imagine the iPod classic model being discontinued, but only due to the advances in Flash storage. I think there will always be a demand for a device that can hold a large quantity of music. I also don’t understand the logic behind playlists negating the need to bring all of your music with you? I understand that you can pick and choose the most listened to songs to load onto your device, but isn’t the preferable solution that you just have all of your media?

    Anyway, I see the classic dying off…but not necessarily the storage capacity. I would expect to see upcoming iPod touch updates with Flash storage meeting or exceeding the classic’s current capacity.

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