Is the end near for Apple’s iPod classic?

Apple Online Store“Stock of the iPod classic is on the decline at several retailers, a report observes,” iPodNN reports.

“At Apple’s online store, for instance, the silver Classic is now shipping in one to three days, as compared to 24 hours last week,” iPodNN reports. “Best Buy’s website notes that the same color has gone from one-day shipping last week to being backordered by one to to two weeks. At Target, shipping times are now listed as two to four weeks.”

iPodNN reports, “The black-tinted Classic appears to be unaffected by shortages. Apple allowing silver stock to fall low could nevertheless signal plans to kill off one or both models, or else finally release an update.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Some people say that iPod classic is an anachronism and, as a reader once emailed us, “there’s no need to attempt to carry around all of your media unless you don’t understand playlists.” Others swear by the device. Do you use an iPod classic? If so, why do you choose that iPod model?


  1. You have 12gb?
    Got you beat… 4.56 gb ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

    Been the same for years.

    And c1 had a point, mountains… I also ride. Gloves there as well.
    Hell, off to bestbuy tonight to grab a spare classic I guess.

  2. The iPod Classic is currently listed at #9 (black) and #15 (silver) for all MP3 players on Amazon (not just Apple).

    People are buying them. Apple is making a profit on them.

    I’m sure Apple would rather make the same profit on a iOS device, but clearly, they’re willing to make devices that people want which don’t participate in the App section of the ecosystem.

    It wouldn’t surprise me at all to see that people with iPod Classics, like myself, also have iPhones, iPads, and other iPods.

    It seems odd that Apple would End Of Life the iPod Classic, by first listing shipping delays. That seems more like that they’re planning a new version of the iPod Classic.

    Whoever said, “there’s no need to attempt to carry around all of your media unless you don’t understand playlists.” doesn’t understand the need.

    Sure, there is the concept that if you go out jogging, or during your daily commute, that you only need X minutes of music that can easily be sync’d via playlists, instead of your whole library.

    However, try a road trip across the country with someone where you don’t know what you’ll want to be listening to. Or any extended vacation… Or if you’re a DJ… Or if you want to semi-permanently dock the device in your car…This last one is a biggie for me. The newer Mercedes have a display that replicates the playlists and other interface options of the iPod. It has a jog/shuttle wheel and is very nice to use. As a result, it’s very convenient to just leave a large capacity iPod in the glove compartment an only take it out to sync maybe one a month or so.

    Whatever the situation, people are buying the iPod Classic, more so than are buying any other nonPod. Discontinuing them wouldn’t be the same as discontinuing a less popular color, rather discontinuing them would mean lost sales.

  3. I love my iPod Classic. I allows me flexibility to choose what I may want to listen to or watch over a weekend or week-long trip. Plus, it acts as a 2nd backup to all of my stuff. If, God forbid, disaster or thieves strike my home I have a copy of everything on my iPod Classic and there are free utilities to access the iPod and transfer everything back over to a computer when I’m setup again. It’s peace of mind to know I have a backup of, easliy, $7,000 worth of music and video that’s is with me and not all in one location in my house. Save the iPod Classic! If anything come out with a new one that has larger storage capacity.

  4. I use my classic everyday. It holds all my music. Something that my iPhone can’t do. I listen to my classic while getting ready in the morning. And while cleaning. If you hooked up your iPhone to a do k and played it that way you would get tons of interference. Sometimes you just need a mp3 player with no other capabiltes. No email no text no incoming phone calls to interfere with the song playing

  5. It’s definitely a capacity thing for me – my beat-up old white iPod Video (80GB) is the only one that can hold all the music I have. I think it’s safe to say the 80-and-larger sizes are preferred by the avid music collector who wants all of their music with them at all times. (Hey, I never know when I’ll suddenly want to listen to, say, that quirky “Fantastic Cat” song by Takako Minekawa – so I must have it with me at all times, just in case!)

    My iPhone is with me wherever I go, and I (feebly) attempt to use playlists on that, to choose the most likely artists I may or may not wish to listen to wherever I am. But taking my iPod is my only guarantee that I’ll always for absolutely sure have whatever I want to listen to at that moment, right there with me.

    Yeah, it’s probably silly. But since we have the technology to do it…

  6. i upgraded my iPods about 6 months ago–a shuffle, 32G Touch, and 160G Classic. the Classic was supposed to live in my new Cadillac so i could have most of my music with me @ 256k. however, the “Apple ready” stereo system played every album or playlist alphabetically, not in sequence. after a ton of research, phone calls, and emails i found out that there was no way around that (only works correctly with touchscreen products), and i couldn’t abide. so the Classic went back and the Touch was upgraded to 64G.

    it’s not the same at all as having a Classic with all my music living in my car. makes me sad. even if a large capacity Touch came out, i can’t just toss that into the car to live there as i would have with the Classic. the Touch isn’t meant to live in a dark compartment……..

  7. Love my classic! My old 60gb has all my kids movies on it and it can be played for them in the car or house. I have the 120gb for myself. I love having all my music in one place without having to resync everytime I want a different genre. And yes I do understand playlists! They r all available for me all the time on my classic! I hopethey update it making it smaller with a bigger screen. If the touch had a 120gb available I would go for it!

  8. My only hard drive iPod was the very first 5g FireWire iPod. Was never a fan of the hard drive design as it always seem sluggish and slow even with a buffer. Now that the classic iPod is near the end if life cycle and that my original iPod has a damage headphone that no seen to be able to fix because of lack of parts. For the first in ten years I am think of buying a hard drive iPod. It too bad that Apple have not made a flash base drive that is bigger than 64g. Even with playlist there is always something missing in your library just as ou need it so why not carry the whole dam thing.

  9. 160 GB Classic: my whole library; zillions of playlists; weeks of continuous variety if played nonstop
    what’s not to like?
    I’d love it if a solid state mega capacity iPod touch existed, even in the 120 GB range, but it seems unlikely

  10. MDN – Like others have said, not everyone uses 256k compression and as such have large iTunes library. I chose the 160G model for the capacity. It’s nice to have my entire music library to listen to what I want when I want rather than be confined to what I have in a subset of my playlists. I suppose I would be okay if Apple discontinued the classic after they have a 128 G phone / iPod Touch.

    I love the ~40 hours of music playback which drowns out my coworkers.

    So in summary – capacity and battery life are why I like the iPod Classic. At work I am mainly interested in listening to music. The iPod Classic fits that bill perfectly.


  11. I travel a lot and so use a 160gb classic to take about half my music collection with me when I go – I have a huge collection.
    Mostly it’s ripped lossless for best iTunes playback at home to hifi.
    To the person who mentioned playlists , I do understand them. But I don’t want to fiddle endlessly with iPod contents when I go out . I just change some of the contents once a month or so , in line with seasons, events, mood and new purchased.
    It’s my 3rd clickwheel iPod- batteries went on others. This one is doing just great . Long may apple sell them.
    Streaming isn’t the answer either – not if you have metered wireless contacts.

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