Apple targets Manhattan for fifth Apple Retail Store, evaluating Grand Central Terminal

“While speculation on Apple’s next New York City store has focused strictly on Brooklyn, the company’s retail team has been scouting for a fifth store in Manhattan that will open later this year, before any new stores in the outer boroughs,” ifoAppleStore reports.

“The New York Observer reports—and IFO can confirm—that Apple is evaluating the retail space within the Grand Central Terminal (GCT) at Park Avenue and East 42nd Street, less than a mile south of the existing Fifth Avenue store,” ifoAppleStore reports. “The location was chosen to draw a massive number of visitors away from the Fifth Avenue store, which is crowded with shoppers, tourists and ne’er-do-wells each of the 24 hours the store is open.”

ifoAppleStore reports, “Despite the expanse of the ground-level plaza and the soaring glass entrance, Fifth Avenue is the smallest store in Manhattan. And despite its small size, it sells more products than the other three Manhattan stores combined. That track record has made creating a nearby store a priority, higher than providing new stores to New York City’s other four boroughs.”

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  1. The more stores, the easier it is to find.

    Like a good coffee shop, a handy shop means — voila — let’s walk over there and get another iPad. While we’re there, I want to ask some questions. Might as well get some iPod touch for birthday gifts.

    Any New Yorkers’s want to give some hints to Apple on where new Apple stores could be located in the other boroughs ?

  2. Inside Grand Central Terminal?? That would be so great. I used to go there all the time to get into the city & get back home every weekend. I’ve been in FL for 3 yrs but moving Back to NY & I cant wait to see if this becomes true. I’ve always stayed awhile for Coffee and food there all the time too.

    And it’s so true about the 5th Ave Store. While it beautiful on the outside, its Just crowded inside and kinda hard to get hands on with products

  3. I think they would do well with an upper east side store (there is already and upper west side location), and to make one or two more stores 24/7 like the fifth ave location. I was at the west 14th st location a few weeks ago on a sunday morning at 9:30am and it was full of folks already – shoppers and at least 20 people there for training and classes.

    A store in brooklyn and another in queens is a must. And another in westchester would be nice too – the white plains store is always packed and is far too small.

  4. Anytime they would like to build a store in Central Pennsylvania, we would welcome it. Considering the high concentration of Colleges and Universities including Penn State, Lycoming, Bloomsburg, Bucknell, etc… and that the nearest store is 2 + hours away, I’m pretty sure it would do well.

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