Adobe poised to release ‘Creative Suite 5.5 Digital Publishing’ for iOS, Android development

“Adobe appears poised to rush to market a new bundle of Creative Suite applications ahead of CS6 that it hopes will solidify its Flash and Air technology as an alternative platform for developers looking to capitalize on the booming market for iOS and Android-based cell phone and tablet applications,” Kasper Jade reports for AppleInsider.

Jade reports, “The new suite, which will reportedly be marketed as ‘Adobe Creative Suite 5.5 Digital Publishing’ suite, will showcase a new version of its ‘Packager for iPhone’ application that will include support for not only Apple’s iPhone, but also the iPad and the new crop of Android tablets, incorporating popular touch gestures like ‘Pinch.'”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “James W.” for the heads up.]


  1. Adobe is the ultimate middleman. Using Adobe products for graphics/photo editing, OK. But using Adobe development platform on top of already existing development platforms (xOS, Android, Java, .NET, HTML/CSS/JS) is pretty much like what the banks, fund managers, stock market, brokers, title companies, and real estate agents made off the top of the bloated price of that bloated house you bought during the housing bubble and lost to foreclosure.

  2. The iPhone Packager was updated with iPad support back in June 2010. At that point Apple blocking apps made with Adobe’s iPhone packager at that point, but I imagine the work had already been done so Adobe added that to the Flash CS5 update.

    Just go to Adobe’s Flash CS5 support page and the first update mentions that it includes iPad support:

    Also the iPhone Packager always (at least the release version) supported multitouch including the pinch to zoom.

    That said, the iPhone Packager is fallen behind the Android support which supports AIR 2.5 API compared to the iPhone Packager that supports just AIR 2.0. This was the result of Adobe stopping development on the iPhone Packager after Apple started blocking Flash apps. So an update to the iPhone Packager to get it in alignment with AIR for Android is likely in the works, but the rest of this rumor seems to be way, way off.

  3. Bob, it’s rare that a developer will advertise what they were made with. As I mentioned earlier the Packager for iPhone already does iPad apps. At this point there’s many thousands of iPhone and iPad apps made with Flash, some of them quite successful. So there’s a chance you already have an app made with Flash on your iPad and not even know it.

  4. Matthew,

    The successful flash apps you refer to are magazines which have universally been complained about and ridiculed for their horrible bloated size and inability to search text. They are a horrible bloated battery draining nightmare. Only successful because they are the only option for their respective magazines, and only because the magazines themselves are popular.

    Flash makes horrible bloated non standard broken apps and never ever ever should have been allowed. Likely they never would have been if the Obama administration didn’t try poking it’s nose into the issue after Adobe went crying to them.

    Flash needs to die yesterday and developers need to create real apps for iOS not fake ones.

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