RUMOR: Rumored iPad 2 won’t have rumored SD Card slot

“With Apple expected to take the wraps off its second-generation iPad in the next few months, talk has focused largely around the potential hardware enhancements to the tablet device, including rumors of an SD Card slot that AppleInsider sources now suggest is unlikely to materialize,” Kasper Jade reports for AppleInsider.

“That particular rumor appears to have gained its legs back in December when a pair of China-based case manufacturers leaked images of their upcoming iPad 2 protectors, which were presumably based off design schematics that often originate from Apple ahead of new product introductions and get passed around gray markets in the Far East,” Jade reports.

Jade reports, “In a mockup analysis of all the openings and recesses in those cases, it was speculated that that left-side opening could represent the much-rumored SD Card slot. However, a person that AppleInsider trusts on matters such as these has since rebutted that notion, stating instead that the break in the next-gen iPad enclosure at that location is actually a relocation of the tablet’s SIM card slot.”

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MacDailyNews Take: It was just a rumor. wink


  1. The cases for the 3G iPad don’t have a cutout for the sim cards…
    Id like to see the SD slot, but the front camera is all I want though.

    Side note… Odd, I can login and post here from my iPad, but my iPhone version of the mdn app gives me errors if I post after I login.

  2. How can you be sure it’s not a usb slot? Or floppy drive, for that matter?

    Stupid speculation, always trying to stick OLD stuff to the unreleased brain child of THE company, that has totally changed the way people look at computers.

    MDN, do you have any REAL stories? Stop wasting my time with this crap. An ape could have written a more interesting one.

  3. The sd slot would provide expandability that some users demand. I Kobe of one diehard pc proponent that will buy an iPhone but hates the idea of no expanbilolty. So apple could sell more if they have those options.
    On the other hand not offering expandability could drive current owners to upgrade more often.
    There is a device that uses the dick connector to provide access to sd cards. Does anyone have experience sworn that?

  4. Now that the likelihood of a retina (or similar HD display) has been dismissed (by some) and now no SD card, will the iPad 2 merely be distinguished by having a camera(s) and faster processor? Incremental improvements, yes, but I want Apple to move the bar higher!

  5. Doggone
    Victim of auto correction. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />
    Sorry but half that post cracks me up.
    As far as the dock connector for the SD slot, I have always heard that it doesn’t work with anything other than the iPad.

  6. How about something along the lines of a miniaturised LightPeak connector? Maybe a new Dock connector (the current Dock connector style is, after all, going to need resizing eventually as batteries, etc., take more space in inverse proportion to smaller device sizes).

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