Android who?  Verizon shifts marketing muscle to Apple iPhone

“Analyst Shaw Wu with Kaufman Bros. cited checks with industry sources in a new note to investors issued on Wednesday, in which he said Verizon will put its ‘marketing muscle” behind the iPhone,” Neil Hughes reports for AppleInsider.

“The advertisements are expected to come at the expense of competing smartphones that run the Google Android mobile operating system,” Hughes reports. “‘On its homepage, [Verizon] is already highlighting the iPhone 4 and iPad as flagship products with not much else in sight (save for a Jabra Bluetooth Headset),’ Wu wrote.”

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Electronista reports, “Redirected marketing could hurt former stalwarts in the Verizon lineup, [Wu] argues, particularly Android phones, which have not faced much competition until now due to AT&T’s exclusive grip on the iPhone.”

“The results could potentially be similar to what happened to BlackBerry phones after the arrival of the Motorola Droid. As Verizon decided to shift its efforts behind Android devices, BlackBerry share crashed, eventually spiraling down to less than 20 percent of smartphones sold through the carrier,” Electronista reports. “Efforts by RIM to reinvigorate the BlackBerry platform have so far produced no noticeable effect.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Droid. iDon’t deserve marketing support the minute the real thing arrives.


  1. Will Apple let Verizon make their own iPhone commercials while ATT remains prohibited from doing the same? If so that seems like a seriously unfair advantage. Apple needs to either let them go at it freely or restrict both companies from featuring the iPhone in ads.

  2. …”Efforts by RIM to reinvigorate the BlackBerry platform have so far produced no noticeable effect.”

    Who would produce such efforts to reinvigorate the sales of (an)Droids? Motorola?? HTC??? Fat chance…

  3. When you’ve managed to get the hottest chick in town you realize that the not so hot chicks will do anything to keep you from wandering.

    Look for some really cheap Androids in the future with three times the ‘features’ that the hottest chick has.

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