Wired’s Sorrel: Microsoft still hasn’t got a clue about tablets

The New York Times has detailed ‘rumors’ of upcoming Windows ‘slates’ that will be shown off by Steve Ballmer at CES next month,” Charlie Sorrel writes for Wired. “Just like last year. And again like last year, it seems that Microsoft still hasn’t got a clue about tablets.”

“According to the Times, ‘Microsoft hopes these slates will offer an alternative to the iPad because they move beyond play, people familiar with the tablets said,'” Sorrel writes. “And how will Microsoft differentiate its brand-new slate offering from Apple’s hugely successful iPad? By using a tablet-optimized and touchscreen-centric version of Microsoft’s new… Windows Phone 7 mobile OS? Nope. By using a desktop OS, and slapping a skin on top. Again.”

Sorrel writes, “Microsoft’s future is looking a lot like IBM’s when Microsoft ate its lunch years ago: It’ll still be a big, big business company, but the general public will no longer be buying its wares (Xbox aside).”

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  1. but didn’t you guys know that Windows 7 has multitouch support??!

    OMG ITS HORRIBLE!!! I have tried it on HP touchsmarts, and a glass tablet… something is OBVIOUSLY wrong with the interface. the windows touch pack tries to show off its potential… but its just one disappointment after another…


    Whats the common definition of “insanity” again? oh yah thats right…….

  2. Well the one thing you can’t say about Steve Ballmer is that he’s full of surprises. (Well not good ones anyway…)

    Last years CES keynote was a hoot with the Chief Monkey Boy’s presentation a textbook classic on how NOT to conduct a keynote. Such delightful touch’s too like the Baby Huey effect red sweater, the ham-fisted device manipulation, the incomplete and inadequate product introductions and information, the feeling of seeing someone competely out of his core competence range blustering his way through and make other presenters look equally bad by hanging out with them (intead of politely leaving the stage) and embarrassing them by interrupting them with inane comments.

    Let’s hope this year is more of the same!

  3. This is simply unbelieve that MSFT just plan to slap a touch UI layer on the top of a desktop OS and put it onto a tablet.

    If I am a MSFT investor, I will be even more worry now…

  4. Let’s face it. After Bill left Microsoft, Microsoft sucks now. The only thing that they have good is the Xbox 360. That was the only thing they got right on Balmer’s watch. Maybe once a computer tour de force is now only a video game maker? Vista and Windows 7 both suck. Windows XP was the last good OS they made. And this “Slate” that they are going to show off is going to be the same old crap. They will run Windows 7 with touch commands on top. Get with the program Microsoft. The only way for the Slate to be any good you need to write a whole new OS from the ground up. And they need to do that with Windows as well. Thank god that Apple realize that with the original Mac OS and went with a whole new approach with OS X. With their iOS they used the OS X backbone and created a whole new OS for their iOS devices. Microsoft has to think different. That is not going to happen though because all the people that was there either lost it or never had it. RIP Microsoft.

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