Apple now requiring stronger MobileMe passwords

“Word is coming in from Europe that Apple is forcing [MobileMe] users with under eight characters and without both a number and a letter to reset their passwords today,” Seth Weintraub reports for 9 to 5 Mac.

“The mandate is an invisible one and some users who don’t meet the criteria are just getting empty login failures,” Weintraub reports.

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Note: Gee, some notice would’ve been nice, Apple! Anyway, Mac OS X helpfully includes an excellent way to create strong passwords:

1. Launch “System Preferences.”
2. Click “Accounts.”
3. Click the lock to make changes.
4. Click “Change Password.”
5. Click the key icon.
6. Password Assistant appears.
7. Use it to create strong passwords and use them! (Don’t actually change your Account password unless you want to.)

To skip steps 1-6, download Code Poetry’s tiny “Password Assistant” which simply calls the Mac OS X Password Assistant dialog on demand. It’s available here. Drop it in your Applications folder and maybe even in your Dock and just click it whenever you need to come up with a good strong password.


  1. I can confirm that I too had to change to a password of at least 8 characters. I’m a US account holder in Los Angeles. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />

  2. i understand the need for security, but this was rolled our in an un-apple fashion. all of a sudden my developer account needed to have its password updated. this then propogated down through mobileme iDisk (which stopped syncing) and

    honestly, this whole password strength thing is retarded. most data breaches occur from the inside. in any case, if I set my password to 1234 and my data is stolen isn’t that my fault? why be forced to do this? i have so many passwords at this point between my personal and work life that its just getting ridiculous. then each month, quarter, year, all of these passwords have to be re-entered and you can’t use the same password again for a year. bah!

  3. I’m in Sweden and have been dealing with this problem for about three weeks now. Have always had a password with at least 8 characters and it still works with desktop apps and the iTunes store, just not with logging in to MobileMe. When I reset the password according to their instructions the new one works with desktop apps and the iTunes store, but not with logging in to MobileMe. Apple has escalated my case to the engineers, but no relief yet. First big problem with this service since they launched it.

  4. @Not customer friendly
    “I set my password to 1234 and my data is stolen isn’t that my fault”

    Yes it is but the problem is perception- if you get your data stolen because of an “easy” password- all that usually gets publicly know is “Apple MobileMe users getting data stolen”. That’s the headline-

    But… I agree- Steve & Company should have provided a little grace period.

  5. Had to change mine too, despite already being password strong.  It is a little annoying, however it is not that hard to do.  We should change passwords more than most of us do anyway.  There may be more to this.  Apple may be aware of a security threat and taking action before it is a problem.  This minor inconvenience may be saving us a huge pain in the ass.

  6. I’m in Canada and just had this trouble when logging into Had me scratching my head thinking I had gone crazy, but just decided to reset the password. Then go and change it in my iPad, iPhone etc. etc. A pain – a little better now that I know I’m not crazy…

  7. The stupidest part is that you can’t “reuse” a password you have already used before for a YEAR. How is that helpful? This is a crap move to be certain. Let me set my own passwords and choose when and how often to change them. Some of us are smart enough to employ our own security measures. We don’t need your “help” to do so.

  8. @ Kuipo, Stupidest? Those of you who are smart enough to employ your own security measures ought to be setting up your own security business’s. You think you are smarter than Apple inc to know better than them?

    What if Apple inc., let you have your own way and your account was cracked? would it reflect badly on Apple inc., or on you?

    Anyone who declares themselves smart will always be proven not to be so, certainly in many aspects of life.

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