$50 off sale cleans Radio Shack out of iPhones nationwide

The Return of Black Friday Blowout “Just days after Radio Shack began a promotion offering $50 off the iPhone, and before the sale was set to expire, many of the U.S. retail chain’s stores are sold out of their entire stock of phones,” Neil Hughes reports for AppleInsider

“AppleInsider contacted a number of Radio Shack stores on Friday, and all but one, spoken to in Tennessee, indicated they are completely sold out of the iPhone 4,” Hughes reports. “And even that one store only has the 32GB model available in limited quantities.”

Hughes reports, “Another store in North Carolina indicated that the ‘entire region’ of stores was completely out of stock of the iPhone 4. Another store indicated that customers can still buy the handset online and obtain the $50 rebate, and the phone ships in an estimated two days.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Some people can only see the sticker price*. It’s sad, but, hey, at least this time they’ve lucked out and ended up with a quality product!

*The total cost of a mobile phone is largely in the monthly fees paid to the carrier, not the upfront price of the phone. Still, 50 bucks is 50 bucks, we get it; even if it is only $2.08 a month over the course of a 2-year contract. We’re just surprised there’s this much pent up demand for a $50 off iPhone. Imagine if they ran unending Buy One, Get One promos like they do for Android, RIM, etc.


  1. Just curious as to what you mean by some people can only see the sticker price. I bought one of these phones for my girlfriend but I knew what I was getting and what kind of deal it was. Are you saying that people that buy stuff on sale are typically buying just because it’s on sale? That’s kind of a coarse attitude to have towards people who buy things on sale. Just an FYI, not everbody is made of money and not everyone who shops for deals is uneducated about what they are buying. Just saying MDN. I typically like your comments and articles but I know I do my homework before making purchases and many others do too. Just saying. Hope you see my point.

  2. My wife called the local Radio Shack and was told that, even though they were out of stock, you could still get one within 3 days of ordering. Hey, why not save $50 if you want to buy an iPhone? It’s not like they are refurbished units.

  3. In the economy we are in some people need a smart phone or a sort of smart phone and if they can’t afford an iPhone and android or bb will get them by then they settle.
    It’s sad but really with buy one get one you take what you can afford.

    Personally id save to get an iPhone but not everyone will.

  4. There is nothing wrong with stores having “specials” for the iPhone. Everybody does it, and Apple should stop being so pigheaded all the time and loosen up.

    And my daughter picked up a free 3GS today at Best Buy.

  5. So your kid puts an iPhone on their Xmas list, you look around and see it’s $50 off at Radio Shack. Who wouldn’t jump at it, especially if you were about to buy one anyway? I don’t really understand the snarky MDN take at all.

  6. Cmon MDN, Give peeps a break. We are in a tough economy. It’s not as easy for most folk to drop $250 on a new smartphone every year or 2. I had an excellent 3Gs but traded that puppy in at Radio Shack for $125 for the last phone in stock at the store. With the $50 discount, I got into a new iPhone 4 for $70! ($25 + tax) That’s a deal. I know I could’ve gotten more value selling it myself but the trade-in made it convenient.

    Biggest improvements of the 4 over the 3Gs is the screen is amazing, speakers are much louder and this thing is snappier at everything. I’m sure Radio Shack is bringing in a whole lot more traffic in their stores thanks to the iPhone.

  7. It does mean that many more ATT customers for the long term. Just imagine where we’d be today if Verizon *had* made that deal with Steve at the beginning. Think how many billions of dollars Verizon lost from that one conversation between the then CEO and Steve, from that one really, really numbifyingly dumb decision not to want to work with Apple. It boggles the mind how stupid corporate America can be.

    I’m glad for ATT, they were the better partner anyway!

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