MacBook Air fuels highest-ever interest in Apple notebooks

Apple Online Store“More than a third of American consumers planning to purchase a laptop in the next 90 days will buy from Apple, a market research company said this week,” Gregg Keizer reports for Computerworld.

“The surge for Apple is likely being driven by the new MacBook Air, the lightweight notebook that debuted a month ago, said Paul Carton, vice president of research at ChangeWave Research,” Keizer reports. “‘Odds are [consumer interest is due to] Apple’s refreshed MacBook Air line, featuring a slimmer design, multi-touch glass touchpads and solid-state flash memory,’ Carton said in an e-mail Wednesday.”

Keizer reports, “In a November survey of more than 2,800 U.S. consumers, ChangeWave found that of those planning to buy a notebook within 90 days, 36% said they would purchase an Apple system. That’s an 11-point jump from ChangeWave’s October poll and the highest number ever for Apple in a ChangeWave survey, said Carton.”

“Nineteen percent of consumers with laptop purchase plans said they would pick a Dell notebook,” Keizer reports. “That’s down four points since last month, and Dell’s lowest level ever. Hewlett-Packard fared slightly better: 22% of those planning to buy a laptop said they would select an HP machine. Like Dell’s, HP’s number for November was off four points from the month before.”

MacDailyNews Take: 64% of “laptop” buyers need to have their heads checked. It’s the OS, stupid. And they can also run their shitastic Windows on their Macs until they realize they never want to boot it up again.

Keizer reports, “The iPad also tops the “must have” holiday gift list, with 22% of consumers polled by ChangeWave naming it as the No. 1 item on a child’s or grandchild’s wish list.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Dell and HP laptops. Puleeze. Go to an Apple Store for five minutes, will ya? The amount of time it takes for the painfully obvious to sink in continues to astound.


  1. And they can also run their shitastic Windows on their Macs until they realise (SIC) they never want to boot it up again.

    Well coming from someone who DOES try alternate operating systems on his Mac, on a regular basis I can honestly say that Windows 7 isn’t all that bad, the earlier versions do suck though.

    Still Microsoft has a long way to go, like not requiring anti-virus at all like on OS X. Actually not having IE running all the time, Active X and other security issues. That annoying Bing. But then Apple has that annoying Ping in iTunes.

    However there is some easy command line magic (Windows and OS X) that can ‘remove Ping from iTunes’ on the Apple forums this way nobody else knows you have *cough* borrowed *cough* music on your computer.

  2. Friends, we’re witnessing the tipping point. This Christmas is it.

    For those of us who were buying Performas in the mid-90s, it is incredible to be here today. Second largest publicly-traded company in the world and over a third of consumers planning to purchase a Mac this holiday season. Amazing.


  3. “The amount of time it takes for the painfully obvious to sink in continues to astound.”

    It’s the same attitude that prevents Americans from adopting the International System of Units.

  4. These surveys need to be taken with a grain of salt. The upward trend is no doubt a positive sign for Apple. However, the actual numbers will not be accurate. I’ve known people for years (mostly women) who say they want a Mac and would say that on a survey, but when the time comes to get one they go for a cheaper pc option. There is a large group of people who say they want macs for years but don’t save or plan appropriately, and it actually takes them a few more pc purchases before finally making the switch.

  5. mAc-warrior – Yup, I had one of those freakish Performa 575’s, I believe it was. It was the machine they marketed to education, but with an ENTIRE EXTRA MEGABYTE OF RAM – five instead of four. I freaking loved that machine. And I’m loving seeing Apple become the behemoth it is.

    And for the youngsters out there, a single, 8 megabyte ram chip back in 1994 cost about $270.00.

    Giles – Back in first grade, in 1971, we were taught metric measurements because, supposedly, the U.S. was going to convert to it one day. Yeah. Still waiting.

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