Japan’s Apple iPhone craze attracts global app developers

Apple Online Store“The iPhone’s popularity in Japan is cracking open an industry long thought inaccessible to outsiders,” Yuri Kageyama reports for The Associated Press.

“For years, the typical Japanese cell phone — built to operate on a network hardly used anywhere else in the world — has been stuffed with quirky games and other applications that cater to finicky local tastes,” Kageyama reports. “Foreign developers of applications for phones didn’t give the Japanese market a second thought because of its insularity. But that is changing as the iPhone, for which tens of thousands of applications have been created, dominates Japanese smartphone sales.”

Kageyama reports, “Everywhere one turns, on commuter trains and urban cafes, people are tapping away at their iPhone screens in a relatively rare Japanese embrace of technology that isn’t homegrown.”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Other non-homegrown tech products embraced in Japan: iPod and iPad – plus Mac is showing strong growth, up 22% YOY.


  1. Japan is definitely a unique market. I was in Tokyo 2 years ago and it was rare to see an iPhone in public. Most people had generic flip phones with a big dial pad & screen for texting. Amazing how quickly things change!

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  3. Apple needs to add a hook to the iPhonr to let people hang those funny phone strap toy/charms on. They’re perfect for Cubert’s ubiquitous Hello Kitty stuff.

    Then it will really take off!

    I have a few, but no iPhone…. sniff

    BTW Cubert… There’s an ALL Hello Kitty store on East 33d between Madison and Park! kawaii des neh! かわいい

  4. A Japanese friend of mine who is in IT here in NY has hated on the iPhone from the beginning, and has close ties to Softbank. He always tells me that they have to give away the iPhone in Japan to get it out the door – heavy discounts, etc. Seems like the trend is changing and I’ll be laughing over the next bottle of sake ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” />

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