Apple to add 5 new features to next-gen iPad, says EDN

Apple Online StoreJoseph Tsai reports for DigiTimes, “A Chinese-language Economy Daily News (EDN) report citing industry sources claims Apple will add five new features to the iPad 2.”

• FaceTime capability via camera(s)
• Thinner and lighter
• USB port
• Retina Display
• 3-axis gyroscopes

Full article here.


  1. Every time I see a list of projected iPad 2 enhancements and it contains a USB port, I automatically am skeptical of the other items in the list. I don’t know why the existing USB option doesn’t fit the needs of the small percentage of iPad users that desire a USB port.
    In addition, it appears that Apple intends to connect the iDevices wirelessly instead of using wired connectors. I think items like more memory, more storage and faster processors are more likely than the USB port and some of the other items.

  2. I just don’t see the USB happening. Maybe they will incorporate their camera connection kit to accept other USB devices but I just don’t see them changing the design that much to put another port in..

  3. iPad Retina resolution would be Retina 2048×1536.
    -there aren’t any Mobile Displays that have this resolution
    -there isn’t a ultra portable processing chip which can drive such a high resolution.

    I don’t think they can add a retina display to the iPad just yet, it may be years before there are mobile Displays with this kinda resolution.
    Most big Displays today can’t get to that resolution, so why would a little mobile Display get it?

    They could make another res on the iPad 2, (i think like 1280×1024), but the CPU would have to work very hard to upscale everything UI, unlike the jump from iPhone to iPhone 4 Hardware, where everything is doubled. (no strain on the CPU)

  4. Wait just a moment.
    “• Thinner and lighter
    • USB port”

    Even at its current thickness – thinness? – it may be too slim to incorporate a traditional USB port. Or are they planning to use the tiny end of the cord I use to link my camera to my Mac? That would allow some lee-way.
    Jeff … I think FaceTime is merely the iOS cut-down version of iChat. If so, the name change lends needless confusion.

  5. I call bullshit!

    Unsubstantiated, rumor mongering, attention seeking bullshit!!!


    Thinner, lighter?
    There’s a stretch.


    You’ve got to be kidding.


    Stop posting these guessing hacks.

  6. No, FaceTime is a new app. And it has to be. While iChat was written specifically for the Mac, FaceTime is written with cross-platform in mind – iOS, MacOS X, and soon Windows as well.

    I would have thought that’s obvious. But obviously not.

  7. What I find doubtful is this list.
    It seems that the only way to accurately predict what Apple will build
    is to either purchase a stolen copy of the device in question (gizmodo, I’m looking in your direction) or by brute strength attack, just keep spewing random technical features until you get one right.

  8. A guaranteed good (using apple’s no defective pixel standard) display would drive the cost of a retina display bearing iPad through the roof. The next issue would then be what would that kind of resolution do to iOS software interchangeability (i.e. how would an app developed using iPhone look on an iPad and vice versa?..How many version of a software title would developers have to develop to cover all iOS platforms). That would make iOS no better than Android.

    just my $0.02

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