Microsoft retail store traffic pales in comparison to Apple’s

Apple Online Store“It looks like an Apple Store, filled with eager employees in brightly colored T-shirts. Laptops, smart phones and MP3 players are arrayed on modern tables for anyone who wants to try them out,” Nathan Olivarez-Giles reports for The Los Angeles Times. “There’s even a desk in back where people can walk up and get expert technical help.”

MacDailyNews Take: Microsoft ought to waste their ill-gotten gains on a more direct messaging method: Buy every billboard in the U.S. and festoon them with: “Microsoft. We Have No Original Ideas. We Try To Copy Apple. Obviously And Poorly.”

Olivarez-Giles reports, “But the similarities between the Apple Store and the Microsoft Store begin to fade at the cash register — or at least they did one recent Saturday afternoon at the Shops at Mission Viejo mall. Over a half-hour period, 19 people walked out of the mall’s Apple Store carrying purchases in one of the company’s signature white bags. By comparison, just three walked out of the nearby Microsoft Store with merchandise.”

MacDailyNews Take: Two mice and a keyboard (gotta have those CTRL-ALT-DEL keys, you know).

Olivarez-Giles reports, “The survey may not have been scientific, but it reflects what analysts say is the challenge Microsoft Corp. faces in taking on Apple Inc. in America’s shopping centers. ‘The Microsoft Stores, it seems so far, lack the same cool factor as the Apple Stores,’ said Phil Baker, an independent technology analyst and consultant in Solana Beach, Calif. ‘It’s not entirely clear as to what the goal of the Microsoft Stores is, but it doesn’t seem to be as much about sales as it is about building the brand.'”

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MacDailyNews Take: Microsoft’s retail stores are simply another thing in a long line of bad Apple simulations that pale in comparison to the real thing.


  1. Discussing this in terms of “cool factor” gets old. Apple may be cool, but it’s because they have substance and they pulled themselves out of a miserable time earlier this decade. They’re cool because they make great stuff.

    If M$ made cool stuff, people would go get it. It seems like Kinect may be cool, but it’s just for their smallish xbox crowd. No real need for their own store, it seems.

  2. Apple DO make great products, that cannot be denied

    Howerver, do not underestimate the role their agency played in creating the Ad campaigns that captured the attention of the average consumer with the iPod in the first place.

    TBWA/Chiat Day I think it was.

    Great R&D
    Great Products
    Great Creative Campaigns
    Great Campaign execution

    All these things have come together to perpetuate Apple’s coolness and helping them reach where they are today.

  3. MSFT has made their big sums of money and name (for better or worse) targeting businesses, not consumers. AAPL has made their name and huge fortunes targeting consumers, not businesses.

    The retail mall strategy plays to AAPL’s strengths, and to MSFT’s weakness.

    Get a fsking clue MSFT investors!

  4. Apple is a clear and focussed brand, with a solid design style.

    Its products, especially ‘iP’ wares, appeal to consumers.

    MS is a software company that sells widely.

    But companies using ‘Doze etc compete for consumer attention.

    Thus MS stores are less focussed than those of Apple.

  5. The whole idea of a Microsoft store is silly. I think Apple started the Apple Store because almost every other retailer ignored them. So they went out and outdid the retailers who now are realizing their mistake and are trying to sell Apple products again. Microsoft had it good for a long time. Microsoft needs to realize most people see them as a sub-brand. They aren’t going to buy a Microsoft windows PC, they go by a Dell, HP, Lenova, Sony, toshiba, etc. PC. It’s the same with the smart phone. The only thing that Microsoft has that people really think Microsoft when they buy it is Office.

  6. It must be weather in Seattle that produces the high number of doofuses that inhabit the town. Clammy cold wind blowing in from Canada. Take Baldy as an example. Have you seen a bigger train wreck? It couldn’t have worked out more appropriately than crashing two Boeing 787’s together which given the penchant for Boeing to self destruct might yet be a self-fulfilling prophesy. What better way to remove two goofy corporations than to crash-land a 787 right on top of MS campus getting rid in one go two incompetent set of managers.

  7. Just got back from camping all night in front of the local Microsoft Store for Black Friday deals and I gotta tell you MAC fangirls the experience was exhilarating! None of the smug, pretentious MAC sheep to annoy you and barely any time to speak with Microsoft specialists about Zunes, Office updates and registry hacks because Redmond has really hit their stride with magic, buzz-worthy consumer products. The place was packed!

    It has to be rather disheartening hearing the sound of crickets in your dingy, dumpy little Microsoft Store wannabe shops. At least there isn’t a line for your copycat Zunes.

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