Microsoft to launch Apple Magic Mouse killer in September

“Microsoft’s mystery touch device is actually a competitor to Apple’s Magic Mouse,” Electronista reports.

Advertisement: Introducing the new Magic Trackpad. Let your fingers do the clicking, scrolling, and swiping. Just $69 at the Apple Online Store.

“Both a leak and a store listing point to the Arc Touch Mouse having its namesake touch surface instead of traditional clicks,” Electronista reports. “It was originally the result of a research project into a multi-touch mouse whose details were published just as Apple was shipping its own device.”

Full article here.

Tom Warren reports for Neowin that Microsoft “plans to unveil [the] new Arc Touch Mouse in September.”

“Microsoft plans to introduce the multi-touch mouse as a cheap alternative to costly touch displays for use with Windows 7,” Warren reports. “It’s understood this is a basic implementation of touch and will likely not support multi-touch initially. It’s expected to retail at approximately $70 according to some online price listings.”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Derivativesoft. Stay tuned for the uni-touch “Arc Touch Trackpad” at least a year late, too!

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “jax44” for the heads up.]


  1. Go Steve Ballmer! If Apple can do it than Microsoft can … could have … is researching it … is looking to one of their vendors to figure it out … I am sorry, real people are not willing to give up their mouse!!!

    Microsoft’s copying department is 2 generations behind on this. This is getting sadder and sadder.

  2. @ deepdish

    This tactic in the computer industry goes back more than 40 years. The classic pervayor of this type of information was IBM. DEC/Univac/Burroughs/etc. would come out with some new system and *immediately* IBM would send out their team of salesmen to tell their customers that they should not consider the new equipment from the competitor but rather should wait for the next generation from IBM that would have all those “bells and whistles” plus so much more. In reality, when IBM finally did ship something it was less capable and *way* late, but the IBM sheep bought into the lie time and time again.

    For Microsoft it is a matter of preaching to their huge installed base. If someone wants a touch device, why worry about possible compatibiltiy issues of integrating an Apple Magic Mouse or Magic Trackpad when Microsoft will have something “good enough” out “soon”?

  3. OK…let me get this straight. Microsoft is going to create a touch mouse. Didn’t all the MS fans just get through telling us that it had to have a right mouse button, an actual physical button? Didn’t they tell us that $70 is too much to pay for a mouse? Didn’t they tell us that if every single feature possible was not implemented perfectly and immediately, out of the box, then it was a complete failure?

    I’m surprised the trolls can even show their faces these days; MS is simply a joke.

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