Sydney restaurant replaces menus with Apple iPads

“The iPad is already a tasty product among gadget lovers, but a North Sydney restaurant has become the first in Australia to replace their printed menus with Apple’s new touch screen device,” Stephen Fenech reports for “Global Mundo Tapas in the North Sydney Rydges Hotel yesterday introduced a custom-made iPad application which allows customers to browse the virtual pages of the menu with a sweep of their finger.”

“Diners can peruse the dishes and see a picture of what the dish looks like along with tasting notes before compiling their order and sending it wirelessly to the kitchen,” Fenech reports. “The iPad menu can also suggest the best wines to go with certain dishes and suggest the best food pairings.”

Fenech reports, “When ordering steak, users can even specify how they’d like the meat cooked and which sauce they’d prefer. It will even ask them if they’d like fries with that.”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: In some darkened Vegas hotel room, Bill Gates is muttering about pen-based input as his fingernails grow out of control.


  1. @John
    Wow. That’s a novel use of the iPad. Wonder what’ll come next?

    They can start by replacing all those crap video entertainment systems in the back of all the airline seats. Great in their day, boy are they ever dated now.

    That should be good for about a couple million units!!!!!!

  2. HMCIV, Aussies don’t tip (serving staff get a decent wage instead).

    Macanatic, North Sydney is a strip north of Sydney Harbour Bridge where corporations have their headquarters – full of well paid business people / office workers demanding efficient service and quality food. Margins are likely to be fat and juicy.

  3. The iPad has the same security as the iPhone, and it can be remotely, locked, erased and GPS located. Besides, the restaurant probably has their credit card number: 2 burgers, 3 Cokes, 1 iPad = $550 + $82.50 (15%) tip.

  4. When my wife, some friends and I were dining out a couple of months ago (just before the iPad was released), we were talking about the iPad.

    I commented that it would make a great menu replacement/customer entertainment device for restaurants. If digitally tethered to particular tables, staff would know where to deliver orders. Staff could be more efficient and attentive since they wouldn’t be spending time taking orders. Need a drink refill, touch a button on the iPad.

  5. Worried about iPad restaurant menu costs because you need to employ a decent amount of iPad menus?

    The restaurant can always do what the US Government is thinking of doing to help save the Main Street Media (MSM) and the failed journalism that it is… and that is to add, of all things, the number one play in their playbook, an iPad tax! Why am I not surprised…

    MDN magic word “future” as in looking mighty bleak right about now…

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