Apple WWDC 2010 photo gallery

MacDailyNews reader Adam Jackson has posted a gallery of WWDC 2010 photos on Flickr.

All photos were taken with a Canon G11 and processed with Photoshop CS4 and CameraBag for Mac on June 4th, 2010 at Moscone Center West in San Francisco, California.

Full gallery here.

More info about the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference 2010 here.


  1. “All photos were taken with a Canon G11 and processed with Photoshop CS4 and CameraBag for Mac”

    Which means that with such a pretty good digital camera Adam is not good at taking photographs.

  2. They’re not that bad — consider that many of them were probably taken through the windows of Moscone West, which means you have to contend with reflections and the like depending on time of day. And if you don’t have the right lens with you that affects quality as well — I’d probably use my wide-angle for some of the poster shots, while it looks like he may have just used a standard zoom.

    Apple should put up a poster with about 500 apps, and hold a contest with prizes for those who can name the most of them.

  3. I understand how important apps are: it makes the touchscreen devices. Apps transform them into many things. But Apple is getting ridiculous with pushing quantity, although I see how that is valuable for marketing for the masses.

    The reality is, a significant amount of those apps are garbage. I’d love to see a stat that shows how many apps the average user uses.

    It’s the same thing as advertising that one OS platform has hundreds of thousands of apps, that it’s a great development platform, like Windows. So what? Does anyone actually want to use any of them?

    It’s a bit sad that Apple has sunk into this trap of marketing these things in this way.

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