D8: eBay CEO John Donahoe on Apple’s iPhone and iPad; plus Walt Mossberg’s ‘Holy Sh!t’ (with video)

During his interview onstage at D8, eBay CEO John Donahoe talks about the rise of the digital wallet, the success of its iPhone application and the new iPad app.

Note Walt Mossberg’s reaction at approximately 4:24 of the 6:43 video after Donahoe asks the audience, “How many people have iPads?” Walt exclaims, “Holy shit!”

Direct link to video via AllThingsD (iPhone OS-compatible) here.

MacDailyNews Take: A shocked Mossberg says, “Alright, so this is not America here in this room.” It will be, Walt. It will be.

MacDailyNews Note: The video above is embedded from AllThingsD. Unfortunately, their embed code currently offers only Adobe’s proprietary Flash video. However, the videos on their site are iPhone OS-compatible, so please use the direct link we’ve provided above.


  1. LOL, I missed Walt’s expletive when I watched this earlier today. Thanks for the notice!

    I take that to mean practically everyone in the room raised their hand. That’s amazing!
    Almost all the people at D8 are executives and can easily afford an iPad, but I doubt that same group of people all had iPods with 2 months of it’s first release. And I doubt that same group of people had iPhones within 2 months of it’s initial release.

    The iPad really is taking off like crazy. I was using mine while I waited for my car to be serviced at the Honda dealership. The guy sitting next to me asked me about it. I gave him a little demo, and he told me “I’m definitely getting one now”. Who knows how many other people in the room were watching as well. The iPad sells itself. The more that get out there into the wild, the more people are going to want it.

    It’s crazy viral.

  2. Vatdoro

    I had the same exact experience at my Honda dealership also and at a few more places. The last time it happened I was at breakfast with my wife and and the couple next to me started asking about it and I gave them a demo also.

  3. I have yet to see a single iPad in the wild. And I’m in NYC — day 1 the iPhone launched, they were EVERYWHERE.

    We’re at day 60 now of the iPad, and I still haven’t seen one. If I have to go to a store to get a look at it, it’s not doing gangbuster business.

  4. That was great, and informative. The enthusiasm for the upcoming changes is refreshing. And obviously there’s a lot of savvy iPad adopters in that crowd. Fun to see even Mossy is startled by the momentum.

  5. @PC Apologist,
    Naturally, you’re going to see more iPhones in the wild because more people use phones on the street. You don’t stick an iPad to your ear (despite what Dell thinks).

    I’ve seen many, in places where people sit and read or carry a newspaper – Starbucks, parks, airport, etc. Also, there used extensively at home.

    Btw, I would not expect to see more new tech in NYC… I’d expect to see more BlackBerries from the suits and Wallstreeters.

  6. Haha… Walt reacted like a real person or more like Ballmer, Thurrotted, Dvwhorehack, Endrelnuthead… when they realized how many iPads have sold! LOL

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