Sydney restaurant replaces menus with Apple iPads

“The iPad is already a tasty product among gadget lovers, but a North Sydney restaurant has become the first in Australia to replace their printed menus with Apple’s new touch screen device,” Stephen Fenech reports for “Global Mundo Tapas in the North Sydney Rydges Hotel yesterday introduced a custom-made iPad application which allows customers to browse the virtual pages of the menu with a sweep of their finger.”

“Diners can peruse the dishes and see a picture of what the dish looks like along with tasting notes before compiling their order and sending it wirelessly to the kitchen,” Fenech reports. “The iPad menu can also suggest the best wines to go with certain dishes and suggest the best food pairings.”

Fenech reports, “When ordering steak, users can even specify how they’d like the meat cooked and which sauce they’d prefer. It will even ask them if they’d like fries with that.”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: In some darkened Vegas hotel room, Bill Gates is muttering about pen-based input as his fingernails grow out of control.


  1. As much as I love my iPad and the two others I’ve purchased for my business… I can’t possibly see how this would fit into the budget of any reasonable restaurant. I have some friends who have owned restaurants and the profit margins are crazy thin. Only a few hit it well (maybe this is one of those few). But a reasonable sized restaurant would need 50+ menus (again I’m guessing at the size of this restaurant).

  2. @ Macanatic: You’d only need one or maybe two at the table so probably only need 5-10 at most depending on the size of the restaurant. And no more printing costs for menus or daily specials ever again plus access to really accurate data to help in your ordering so a more efficient operation

  3. @ Macanatic,
    Good point. I guess there is an incredible amount of flexibility doing it this way though. Imagine being able change prices, nay, the whole menu easily and continuously. No more printing expense. Dang, and I’m a printer.

    I wonder if location services is accurate enough to get the right plate to the right person ;~|

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