FOX News: The five best Apple iPad apps so far

invisibleSHIELD case for iPad“The iPad consensus is clear: Apple’s cool new tablet is a hit,” Clayton Morris reports for “But which apps should you install to get started with the fun? Here’s my five favorites, which should be a great launching pad for you.”

The 5 Best Apple iPad Apps:
News Rack ($4.99)
• Words with Friends ($2.99)
• Kindle (free)
• Evernote (Free)
• NPR for iPad (Free)

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: If the fact that the newly-iPadified MacDailyNews app (version 2.2, released April 24*) didn’t make FOX News’ top five list doesn’t blow your mind, then, for some people, NPR’s presence might do the trick. wink

MacDailyNews Note: A reminder: As with the iPhone, Notifications are handled in the Settings app. Settings>Notifications>MDN will let you control Sounds, Alerts, and Badges.

*We are working on smoothing out a few things for 2.2.1. Thank you for the feedback!


  1. I’ll be the first proud liberal to compliment Fox “News” on having the sense to recognize that NPR app. Totally aside from politics, it is a really great app– unique but intuitive navigation, beautiful design, full access to content, really thoughtful approach to adapting a century-old medium (radio) to a cutting-edge platform– and having it all ready to go and working beautifully on Day 1.

  2. “Clayton Morris isn’t really “Fox News.” His podcast is always filled with lefty guests”

    so are many, if not most, Fox News programs.

    No, really….

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