Scott Adams’ unpublished Dilbert: ‘That Lost 4G iPhone’

invisibleSHIELD case for iPadDilbert creator Scott Adams blogs, “Two questions I am often asked: How far in advance do you work? How quickly can you publish a comic on a current event?”

“Today I will indirectly answer both questions by talking about something else entirely,” Adams writes. “I assume you’ve all been following the story of the Apple engineer who left a prototype 4G iPhone at a beer garden. I found this story too delicious to resist, but I worried that the story would become stale before my comics would work through the pipeline. I think the soonest I can get something published is in about a month, perhaps a bit sooner, but I’ve never tested it.”

“I drew two comics while considering my options,” Adams writes. “In the end, I thought it wasn’t worth the extra friction to push them to the front of the line. And it would be June 18th before they ran in their normal position, which seemed too far in the future. So here now, exclusively for you blog readers, the totally unfinished first drafts of those comics. You will never see these in newspapers.”

See the exclusive Dilbert strips here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “BC,” “Spark,” and “HMCIV” for the heads up.]


  1. @Loved the, “On a positive note, it worked great until my fourth stein, then it started misspelling everything.”

    @Gabriel, “Bwahahaha!”

    You two probably laugh at “American Idol”.

  2. @ ron

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    unless they block hidemyass too that is….

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