How high can AAPL go? Analysts scramble to up Apple price targets

TiVo - 10% off coupon code SAVE10“Hindsight is a wonderful thing, and after badly underestimating Apple’s (AAPL) performance in the quarter than ended March 27, all of Wall Street seemed to be looking at the company new and more appreciative eyes,” Philip Elmer-DeWitt reports for Fortune.

“More than two dozen analysts raised their price targets for Apple overnight, from as low as $240 to as high as $350,” Elmer-DeWitt reports. “The prize for the biggest jump goes to Macquarie’s Phil Cusick, who went from $250 to $325, a 30% change of heart. The smallest: Shaw Wu’s 3% increase, from $305 to $315.”

The full list of AAPL price targets is here.


  1. It’s easier to be “brave” once all your fellow analysts start calling for Apple to go over $300. The “pro” financial analysts have a herd mentality, it seems. It’s OK for them if “everyone” is too low with the numbers; no one wants to be the guy/gal who “sticks out” with a much higher prediction. I guess guessing too HIGH by yourself is more professionally embarrassing than being too LOW with the rest of the crowd. By this time next quarter, these $300-350 predictions may look too low.

    But still, if AAPL gets close to $300 in the near term (next two months or so), I’m selling a portion of my holdings. It’s been a good run already… gotta “realize” some actual profit.

  2. How long have you been telling them? Do you think they get it yet? Their almost as bad as the Pc tech guys. Totally getting left behind in mist likely the biggest technology shift in history, and I was forced to learn all the little dances you have to do to “SURVIVE” in that world. After paying the piper for six upgrades in pc’s & at least four in their wonderful operating system, I tried a MacBookPro two years ago, do I’m loving where I am, and I’ve bought appl stock, & it’s paying me to use their products. Which include a 3g iPhone and in a few short days an iPad!!! I almost feel sorry for all those people who haven’t yet discovered the gold standard of mobil computing. Stress free computing over here on this side guys. You should seriously rethink your goals, your strategies, and the vehicle you’re relying on to get you there. Be careful you don’t miss the boat …

    dcham07 or DowC,
    a very satisfied x-pc, Apple user

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