The Top 10 U.S. iPad States: California leads by far in Apple iPad adoption

invisibleSHIELD case for iPadChitika Labs is running their “Cookie 2.0” methodology of the Apple iPad tracker to arrive at an estimate of how many iPads have been sold. As of right now, the tracker reads 876,277 iPads sold with 32,866 new iPads, or 4% of all online units, seen so far today.

The iPad tracker also breaks the sales estimate down to the state level.

The Top 10 U.S. iPad States are currently:

1. California – 19.12%
2. New York – 8.30%
3. Texas – 8.00%
4. Florida – 5.88%
5. Illinois – 3.84%
6. New Jersey – 3.39%
7. Pennsylvania – 3.05%
8. Massachusetts – 3.05%
9. Georgia – 2.93%
10. Washington – 2.82%

See the full 50 U.S. State breakdown here.

MacDailyNews Take: Come on Wyoming!


  1. This is not something the iPad should be proud of.

    A more kooky badly run state you will never find, and I’ve lived here all my life.

    So keep this to yourselves, otherwise the rest of the world will wonder what is so wrong with the iPad that California likes it?

  2. pretty useless stat. it would be a LOT more informative if it was per capita. as a percent of computer sales it might be even better. but seeing as California has around twice the population of any other state, knowing Apple sold teach as many ipads here doesn’t tell me a whole lot.

    (Oops… looks like my ipad’s dictionary doesn’t autocorrect the plural or possessive forms of “iPad” but it does for iPhones (tho not iphone’s)… how about some consistency guys?)

  3. I guess we people from the Intermountain West need to get on the ball. My Idaho is only slightly better than Wyoming. Might help if we had an Apple Store and didn’t have to drive all the way to Utah!

  4. what a useless way to present data. now i have to divide the numbers by state population to find out something useful. i hope these guys don’t make their living analyzing things.

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