RUMOR: Apple iPad to support USB audio interfaces via Camera Connection Kit

Apple Online Store“Create Digital Music reports that the iPad may be able to support the use of USB audio interfaces via the Camera Connection Kit offered as an accessory by Apple and set to begin shipping later this month,” Eric Slivka reports or MacRumors. “Such a move would make the iPad much more appealing to music professionals looking for a portable device to interface with their equipment.”

According to second-hand sources and a post to a public mailing list, the upcoming Apple iPad accessory adapter for cameras, the iPad Camera Connection Kit, will support audio interfaces that are compatible with the USB Audio Class. I don’t have official confirmation from Apple, and the adapter itself appears not to be shipping until later this month, so file this as “likely, but unconfirmed.” But it’s one to watch, and comes as a surprise to me. (Generally, camera accessory kits aren’t a way of providing audio expansion.)

More in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Dow C.” for the heads up.]


  1. Cool. So now I will be able to stream Pandora into my ipad through my iPhone while streaming Pandora on my iPad. Oh, I’ll have to wait until this fall for that API…

  2. Awesome! When I first saw the ipad I thought professional audio audio companies will be all over it! I wouldn’t be surprised if the next update of Logic adds ipad support, having a virtual mixing desk on the ipads screen would be awesome… Watch this space!


  3. I doubt we’ll see Logic anytime soon. However, GarageBand…

    The target market for the device makes GarageBand a very likely candidate. Come think of it, whole iLife (minus iDVD, obviously) likely could (and should) be ported, if USB adapter can indeed to what these guys imply it could. Then, it would only be the question of providing/installing adequate drivers for an interface that would connect to it.

  4. Somebody is going to come up with a dock connector interface cable/box to work with music gear but the question is, what will it do to the battery life of the iPad?

    Now if it’s a combination power supply AND interface box…. the possibilities here are very intriguing. The iPad has such a quick interface this could be very useful for musicians on stage; or as a controller for a DJ.

    I think the iPad is going to shape up to become a very dominant device in our society in a very short time.

  5. One less reason to wait for 2 or v3 or … oh, wait. That means I can plug in the Mic, I’m going to need the software! If not GarageBand (yeah, it was kinda slow on my dual-G5) then what about Audacity?

  6. As someone who uses and loves Logic Studio and Garageband, I would LOVE to see this happen. Garageband on iPad would be fantastic, even if I were confined to the onboard audio capabilities. Now, if connecting a MIDI adapter to the Camera Connection Kit were possible… =D

  7. This will be useful as a controller, not the main brain. Anyone here that is into Digital Audio think, Mobile Studio Controller.

    Amazing. Just don’t give it to the producer.

  8. The idea of using the iPad as an audio recording device makes me giddy. I’m going to have to build a stand for it on my drum kit…

    …which I will do anyway, because I can’t wait to use it for watching instructional videos on YouTube.

  9. Which is a significant difference, as Logic has some heavy-duty demands (that includes Logic Express), while GarageBand is a bit more tame. Not to mention smaller footprint.

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