Inquirer hack: Apple’s Macbook Pro highlights the iPad’s failings

Apple Store“The cappuccino company Apple updated its line of laptops aimed at creative professionals,” Lawrence Latif writes for The Inquirer. “But what the launch of the latest Macbook Pro [sic] serves to illustrate is how underwhelming the Ipad [sic] really is.”

MacDailyNews Take: No, but it really did a bang-up job of illustrating how ignorant Larry really is.

Larry continues, “The latest crop [of MacBook Pros] incorporates [sic] Nvidia’s Optimus graphics switching technology to build on the previous generation’s dual GPUs.”

MacDailyNews Take: Wrong again, dummy: Nvidia: New MacBook Pro graphics switching is Apple’s tech, not our Optimus – April 13, 2010

Larry continues hit-whoring, “Comparing the price of a Macbook Pro, which starts at £1,000, against a £300 Acer notebook isn’t the name of the game. Of course both will essentially do the majority of jobs equally well, but when compared against similar premium ‘lifestyle’ PC brands such as Sony you see that Apple isn’t doing its usual bang-up job of ripping customers off.”

MacDailyNews Take: Why would Larry bother writing that a £300 Acer notebook will essentially do the majority of jobs equally well as an Apple MacBook Pro when he could’ve simply tattooed “I’m an idiot” on his forehead and been done with it? Oh, yeah, because Larry’s a hit-whore, that’s why. If he had any real skills he wouldn’t have to stoop to shoveling electronic Dvorkian crap for a living.

Larry trolls on, “Nevertheless, although comparing the Macbook Pros against Sony might not be fair comparison of service, performance or even posing ability, putting them side by side against the Ipad shows just how far off the cut down tablet really is… The two devices do vary wildly in terms of specifications but considering how much extra you’re getting with even the baseline Macbook Pro, it’s shocking that anyone would opt to spend so much money on an Ipad.”

“Taking a gander at the hardware specifications, there’s simply no contest,” Larry expounds. “Without a doubt the Ipad has a superb screen and CPU, but one would have to possess yet unattained levels of incompetence to believe that a system on chip, even one that is as capable as the A4, can compete in general computing tasks with an Intel Core 2 Duo, much less a Core i5 or Core i7… Given the extra performance, functionality and fewer restrictions it does seem that Apple’s own products show up the pretty obvious flaws of its latest toy.”

Full stupidity – Think Before You Click™here.

MacDailyNews Take: Really, Larry, is The Inquirer that hard up for hits? Obviously, Apple makes many tools for many needs (Larry’s parents certainly made at least one, too).

The bottom line: We’re positively sure that Apple won’t mind if you opt for a MacBook Pro over an iPad.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Brandon” for the heads up.]


  1. @EvangelizeWithRespect

    IT people are angry because the iPad essentially makes them obsolete. Other than a maybe a hardware failure which Apple could take care of, what other support would an iPad need? None. Imagine companies dramatically cutting down their IT staff to a bare bones level because most of their people are using iPads for daily/basic stuff.

    And the MDN word is “party” as in the party is almost over for big IT departments.

  2. “…shoveling electronic Dvorkian crap for a living.”

    Ya know, I tried that Dvorak keyboard some decades ago, and no matter what combination of keys I pressed, all that would appear on the screen was the word “bullshit”…

    Anger is the hurt you are afraid others will see…

  3. Good grief. That guy really is a hack! I counted no less than 4 typos and his info on the GPU switching is also wrong! It’s Apple technology that does the switching, not Nvidia. They are just supplying the chips. Do some research and use spellcheck!!!

  4. What part of “different tools for different tasks” do these folks not get? If you’re eating a steak, you use a knife to cut it; do you then talk about “the shortcomings of the spoon” while you’re having ice cream after dinner? The iPad is good for some users, and not for others depending on the need. You don’t need a nuclear device to kill a mosquito; the average person doesn’t need a MacBook Pro if all they’re doing is surfing the Net, checking email, and other key tasks. Or maybe the proper comparison would be to write about “the shortcomings of the netbook”…

  5. You have to be kidding me…….comparing a A4 chip to the Core i7. It doesn’t really matter, because Apple just eclipsed the entire tablet market in 1 week. I guess the crying begins…….

  6. How long are supposedly professional journalists going to continue to confuse a laptop with a tablet? They are different DEVICES, designed to meet different needs! I’m not going to try to do heavy word processing and programming on the ipad, yet the ipad is better for taking in to meetings and for quick web lookups. The iPhone already took PDAs to a new level of computing, I fully expect the iPad to do the same.

  7. I’m also of the opinion that anyone who uses the word “lifestyle” should be counseled against further doing so, as it makes one appear to be a complete tool.

  8. MDN said: “Why would Larry bother writing that a £300 Acer notebook will essentially do the majority of jobs equally well as an Apple MacBook Pro”
    Because it will. For a while. Unless you have an absolute fetish for speed, or ease of use, or some other niceties that no Windows system can provide.
    JustMe2 had all the answer needed for this guy when he(?) said: “different tools for different tasks”.

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