Steve Jobs email: Both iPad Wi-Fi and 3G + Wi-Fi models to ship internationally at end of May

Rene Ritchie reports for TiPb, “We’re running out of clever things to say about Steve Jobs’ recent passion for taking over customer support at Apple, so we’ll just pass along his latest missives about the iPad 3G and its shipping status, US and international.”

Ritchie reports, “The first one is fairly clear: Will there also be 3G models of the iPad released worldwide on the end of may or only the wifi models. Would be nice to know. Can’t wait.”

Jobs: Both models will be released at the end of May. Sorry for the delay

Full article, including Jobs’ “answer” to the question about whether iPad 3G US orders will be postponed as well, here.

MacDailyNews Take: Mr. Jobs, should we buy an iPad or a MacBook Pro? “Yes.”

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Too Hot!” for the heads up.]


  1. maybe i should give it a try, too. getting an answer from the man must be amazing. though none of my friends would ever believe me. they’d probably say: are you nuts! ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

  2. @MDN,

    Could you please tell me Steve Jobs’ email address?
    I think his answers are as minimalist as Apple designs.
    But hey, it’ always fun to give it a try. He could reply ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

  3. I am increasingly doubtful that these answers are coming from the man himself. I don’t know about your CEO, but my CEO has to many other more important things to do in a day (or night) than to respond to our clients’ inquiries (and I work for a medium-size pension fund). His inbox is handled by his secretary, who sifts through the customer inquiries and sorts them out. Most go to Client Services for action/response, while for some, she writes answers herself, in his name. There is NO WAY anyone could possibly tell that the answers aren’t written by CEO at his desk. Not only is Apple significantly larger company than mine, but also their famous CEO is significantly more involved with the core business of creating devices, software and services. Mac fans have already been accustomed to expecting very terse and short answers from Jobs, so anyone could easily step in and provide those responses in his stead without the risk of being uncovered as an impostor.

    I know that this may be disappointing to many readers here, especially those who actually received a response purportedly from Steve Jobs, but realistically, the chances that the response was actually written by him are very, very slim at best.

  4. @ Predrag – part of the enjoyment we all get is that there is a good possibility that some of these responses come directly from Steve Jobs himself. We know he does not reply to all the emails or other forms of messages sent his way, and I am sure it would be impossible for him to. Perhaps though, he has decided to spend 15 minutes per day reading a handful of email and choosing a few to reply to – knowing full well the effect it will have on the masses. That being said, I seriously doubt that Mr. Jobs allows anyone to write a reply in his name… It seems very contradictory to the type of person and personality he is.

  5. I sent him one a few weeks back:

    “For pete’s sake, can we have a standalone app or even better, a three finger swipe on the screen to quickly switch on/off combinations of wifi and 3G on my phone?

    My battery and I will thank you for it dude”.

    Got back an answer:

    “Actually, your battery life won’t change much if you just leave them on”.

    Maybe it was him, maybe it wasn’t. But I think ‘he’s’ wrong about the battery

  6. Sorry, Predrag; I’ve had email a few times from SJ, and – judging by tone and content – they’ve definitely been from him. On those occasions when he didn’t reply, he took action to get my problems fixed, by those who can effect change ..instantly.

    He’s very hands on (not when he was ill), curt – sometimes to the point of insult, cuts to the chase (think how much he deals with) implementing immediate action when necessary.

    “..the chances that the response was actually written by him are very, very slim at best..” ..Nope, remember? ..he “lives in Mail”.

  7. Jailbreak and you can have that swipe to control your settings. So much out there that apple prevents you from doing. Tons of useful things like real multitasking, wireless hotspot tethering, font changes, and don’t forget all the apps that apple decided to remove from AppStore. Wifi finders, etc. I am pretty sure I’ll stay with jailbreak even after 4.0 is released. Nothing compelling there that I haven’t been doing for months.

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