Apple dominates film and TV appearances

Avatar is in contention for an Oscar because it dominated its field, both technologically and financially. But another cinematic player was even more dominant last year: Apple. In the 44 films in 2009 that topped the box office for at least one weekend, an Apple logo or device could be seen in at least 18 of them. (That’s almost 41%.) In some, Apple products even eclipsed their human scene partners,” Abe Sauer reports for The Awl. “This high appearance rate does not include the heap of mass-market films from 2009 that did not own a weekend but also featured Apple product placement.”

“Just to name a few of those? That list includes Drag Me to Hell, Orphan, I Love You, Man, Duplicity, Crank 2: High Voltage, Ghosts of Girlfriends Past, Imagine That, Sorority Row, Answer Man, Post Grad, I Love You Beth Cooper, All About Steve, Hurt Locker, New York, I Love You, It’s Complicated, Road Trip: Beer Pong, Law Abiding Citizen, Fantastic Mr. Fox, Funny People and Couples Retreat,” Sauer reports.

“These numbers also don’t include the mountain of other films and TV shows, from Macs on Regis and Kelly and Jimmy Fallon’s desks to the Mac grotesquerie of The Office and 30 Rock. Fruity logo out front, advertisement aglow,” Sauer reports. “For one month in 2009, product placement tracking service Nielsen IAG noted 62 total ‘occurrences’ of Apple products, more than any other brand, including AT&T (59), Coca-Cola (55) or Ford (41).”

Sauer reports, “Hamish Purdy, the assistant set decorator for Watchmen (which featured an Apple ‘Easter egg’) explains, to some degree, how this happens. ‘One thing we often have to deal with is ‘clearance’ to use a product on a set. If the item has been ‘product placed,’ clearance is inherent. Apple has always been willing to provide product for sets without too much hassle. Yeah, just so that is clear: Apple does not pay for any of this exposure.”

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Much more in the full article here.

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  1. I think Apple have a patent on the glowing backlit logo…

    And it was a stroke of genius when they turned the logo the right way round post-Wallstreet.

  2. They omitted my favorite from the Star Trek movie in which Kirk & Crew go back to 20th century San Francisco to obtain a whale to take back with them. Scotty shows a company how to make a lightweight, super-strong alloy (for the tank) on a Mac. Don’t recall which Mac, but it was the original all-in-one form factor.

    This is from much-faded memory, but I can vividly recall Scotty typing away furiously on the keyboard while various molecular structures danced around the screen.

  3. “Apple does not pay for any of this exposure.”

    They don’t have to.

    The first season of CSI had Macs in all the labs (which is accurate to such labs). Dell came in and paid them a fortune to place their dud machines instead.

  4. I agree with lukeskymac on Avatar.
    Also, I hate it when on TV they cover up the Apple logo on the computers with tape, a post it note or some such but will show someone driving a Ford truck or the like
    Stargate SG1 was proud to show off those clunky Dells.

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