RUMOR: Apple to rename iPhone OS to ‘iOS’ (with video)

A YouTube video and an unrelated tip have converged to spell out “iOS.”

According to our tipster, Apple will rename iPhone OS to “iOS” in order to “better reflect the diversity of devices that will run the operating system: iPhone, iPod touch, and future devices to be announced.”

A YouTube video, not from our tipster, from “artmach1,” shows “iOS” on a background that seems to closely match Apple’s special event invitation (see below) along with the text description: shaky cam grab out of some apple tablet presentation rehearsal for tomorrows brand new thing—I think any way. might have been enhanced from a pen cam or something. or hidden in a backpack or a box of equipment.

Direct link via YouTube here.

MacDailyNews Note: This is an unconfirmed RUMOR. We cannot confirm the veracity of this report or the video or its accompanying text.

Apple special event invitation:


  1. May be the first in many steps to move away from a numbered OS naming scheme for all products. “OS X 11.x.x” is a clunky and confusing reference. It’s a problem that will need to be solved in the next few years, so perhaps this is the beginning….

  2. …some frigtard just lost his job. And benefits. With extreme prejudice. Serves him right for using his iPhone during the rehearsal.

    Doesn’t anyone know the meaning of the word “surprise” any more?

    Between this twat and Terry McGraw (who is in the process of grabbing his ankles as I write this), Americans don’t know how to keep their pie holes shut.


  3. @macspec

    “Let me restate: FAKE. Apple does not use an emboss effect on type. Plus, the color splotches do not match Apple’s invitation.”

    Good observation. But sometimes, when a large-format banner or poster is involved, subtle emboss effects are used for contrast purposes. It’s a general design technique when dealing with large signage viewed from afar.

    One can surmise from the shakiness of the image that a long lens was used to get the image, which would support the “large banner” theory.

    That’s not to say that it isn’t BS, but that there is a plausible alternate explanation for your acute observation.

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