Apple and Verizon finally ready to connect?

Parallels Desktop 5 for Mac “A few years ago, when Apple originally set out with the idea of giving the iPhone to one carrier exclusively in the U.S., they first went to Verizon,” MG Siegler writes for TechCrunch. “But the network balked at some of Apple’s demands, which at the time of complete and utter carrier dominance in this country, must have seemed like a joke. So instead, Apple went with AT&T, and the rest is history.”

“And while Apple is getting a very sweet deal from AT&T in the form of huge payments for each iPhone sold, which is pulling in billions of dollars in revenues each quarter for the company, the relationship is also the subject of much discontent. Obviously, plenty of users are fed up with AT&T complete and utter failure at times to provide a network that will support the iPhone. But word is that Apple has also not been a happy camper for some time now, as what many perceive to be greatest source of weakness for the iPhone, AT&T’s network, is something that is completely out of their control,” Siegler writes. “The big question for 2010 is: Is Apple finally ready to do something about it?”

Siegler writes, “A few signs are starting to suggest that the planets may be aligning… [that] will in fact lead to a Verizon iPhone this coming summer.”

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  1. Bringing the iPhone to verizon shouldn’t be a bad thing at all if anything in the end AT&T;customers will be happy! With the overwhelmingly amount of people on AT&T;with iPhones it has really brought the network down. But when the iPhone goes to verizon in June i’m sure more than half of the people on AT&T;will switch to a verizon iPhone along with already existing verizon customers and also people that don’t have iPhones. Now with that amount of people switching over, AT&T;network will be far more powerful as far as improved 3G downloading speeds, fewer dropped calls, improved network quality and reception. It might also help AT&T;deliver their tethering promise as well. So me as a iPhone customer on AT&T;can say that I’m really happy and is waiting for the apple-verizon!:) btw the new iPhone 4G is really nice!! And is worth the upgrade!

  2. After hearing about Verizon’s customer service and reading some of their fees, I don’t think I want to be a customer of theirs.

    I’ll stick with my first generation iPhone running on xxxxxxxxxxxx.

  3. If the supposed new tablet has a 3G chip in it – I wouldn’t mind it being a CDMA chip so I can use it on Verizon and potentially saving on a data plan; compared to ATT.

    However, I am so sick and tired of all the griping about ATT. Fact – all cellphone (and cable television) customer service stinks. Fact – it is a modern marvel that I can be in the middle of a national park checking in for my flight the next day on either a EDGE or 3G network. Fact – I have never been not able to make a call or send data, except for at a couple of sporting events. Fact – all cell networks drop calls.

    Get over it people. The grass is always greener on the other side. While the sun may make it seem greener – it may in fact just be as dried up and brown as it is on this side.

  4. My daughter has an old BF that works for the T-Mobile help desk.

    They’ve closed their Tampa office and consolidated it with the Frisco Tx office, they’ve fewer than 30 people for round the clock customer service nation-wide. They are praying – hard – that Apple doesn’t sell the iPhone to their upper management.

  5. I love all these “analyst” stories about “indicators” of “potentialities” for Verizon to carry the iPhone. Let’s face it, there’s one indicator that matters.

    When Verizon starts upgrading capacity on their towers like crazy, then they will be getting the iPhone soon. If there’s so much pent-up demand for a Verizon iPhone, the last thing they’d want is for people to get them and find that their network is getting killed just like the Death Star’s.

    MDN word: basic

  6. The only thing that will help the iPhone’s network performance is a robust 21st-century wireless network, which no one in the U.S. has at this time. At this rate, India will probably have a modern network before U.S. carriers finally part with the cash required to rebuild their aging infrastructure.

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