Citrix’s new GoToMyPC 7.0 now lets you access your Mac from anywhere

Parallels Desktop 5 for Mac For the first time, Mac users can now host the market-leading remote access service on either a Mac or a PC, with Citrix Online’s newest version of GoToMyPC. The company, a division of Citrix Systems, Inc., has responded with version 7.0 to better accommodate Mac users seeking a reliable, easy to use remote-access product that is purpose-built for the Mac.

Mac and PC users alike can at last work remotely with confidence from any computer with Internet access and easily access their Mac or PC files, computer programs, email and company network.

“With this new release, we’re giving Mac users what they’ve been asking for – a reliable remote access service built specifically for the Mac,” said Brett Caine, general manager of Citrix Online. “For the large and growing Mac community, they can rest assured of finally having a remote access service that works as advertised from the most trusted name in the category.”

According to IDC, which cited Citrix Online as the revenue leader for worldwide remote access services software, with over 70% share of market, the Mac offering is a significant move: “Customers value Citrix’s remote access services software GoToMyPC for its capabilities, reliability and ease of use,” says Sean Ryan, senior analyst, mobile enterprise software at IDC. “With market projections for the Mac and remote access services to grow, GoToMyPC is well positioned in the market.”

For Citrix Online customers, the extension of GoToMyPC to the Mac means universal access to remote machines, whether running Windows or Mac OS. And Mac support puts complete remote access services in the hands of customers from a greater variety of businesses—opening the door to creative new ways to use remote access.

A free 30-day trial is available via .

Source: Citrix Systems, Inc.

MacDailyNews Take: Well, now, that didn’t take too long, now did it? Citrix Systems’ working on ‘GoToMyMac’ remote access software compatible with ‘GoToMyPC’ – May 31, 2005


  1. Very cool, but I’ll wait to see if Apple will beef up the “Back to My Mac” feature of MobileMe. With all the apparent investments they’ve made recently with cloud services and related infra, they may have an acceptable solution for this.

    It would be nice if Apple offered a stripped-down version of Apple Remote Desktop (say, for around $100) that would offer more functionality than what the iChat-based “Back to my Mac” currently offers.

  2. @money talks

    A version can be installed that runs as a service that will allow you to log onto a PC whether there’s anyone there or not.

    Best program out there if you ask me, and no, I don’t work for them, I just use their software to support my whole family’s windows addiction. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” />

  3. I’ve used FarFinder for a while. I often run into blocked ports and the like when I am on the road though. Anyone know which one works best? I think I’ve gotten ‘Back to My Mac’ to work twice, otherwise it’s blocked.

    As well, there seems to be no link to this trial software at the end of the article. In 2 browsers I see “A free 30-day trial is available via .” I’m guessing a Google search is in order.

  4. @MacAngus

    I have several customers using cellular modems with “ALL” incoming ports blocked. LogMeIn(even Free) does not have any issues with them. When I was researching it, Timbuktu was also supposed to be able to handle it but I could not get the customers to spend that much. At that time, TeamViewer (on the Mac anyway) had to have someone at the remote mac to initiate the connection so it was not an option. I currently have no information regarding how Citrix handles blocked ports. Apple’s Remote Desktop can not or I would be using it.

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