Beleaguered Dell announces Mini 3 Android-based U.S. smartphone deal with AT&T

Christmas PD5FM $10 discountDell’s press release, verbatim:

Dell today announced that U.S.-based AT&T will become the next mobile operator to offer a smart phone from the Mini 3 Android-based lineup. Over the past two months, Dell has established smart phone arrangements with leading mobile operators including the world’s largest, China Mobile, Claro in Brazil, and now AT&T with the nation’s fastest 3G network.

Mini 3 smart phones create an easy-to-use mobile Internet experience. The Android-based platform gives the Mini 3 optimal power, flexibility and customization opportunities for both users and operators. Collaboration between Dell and AT&T combines the very best in performance and style. And, with AT&T’s largest Wi-Fi hotspot network, and fastest 3G network, Dell and AT&T will provide today’s social media mavens with the ability to simultaneously Tweet friends, post Facebook updates, share pictures and browse the Web.

Today’s announcement builds upon Dell’s mobile strategy of delivering communications solutions for wireless operators and their dedicated customers. Dell works with select operators around the world to make the most of their customers’ mobile experiences – on any network and using any application.

The arrangement with AT&T is part of Dell’s continued focus on developing smart mobile products and services through value-added relationships with leading operators. Dell has existing arrangements with other leading global telecom providers, including Vodafone in Europe, Australia and New Zealand; AT&T in the United States; M1 and Starhub in Singapore; Maxis in Malaysia; China Mobile in China; and Claro in Brazil – each creating more opportunities to meet the needs of the connected lifestyle.

Dell has contact with and listens to the requirements of millions of customers. In addition, a recent Dell-sponsored study of more than 1,500 people provides keen insight into what makes the best smart phone and mobile experience. Study highlights include:

• Eighty-two percent of those who own smart phones said they would not leave home without them
• Eighty-six percent of survey respondents under age 35 say that personalized software and features on smart phones are important
• More than half say they wish there were more smart phone options available in the marketplace
• Seventy-six percent say they would consider new smart phone devices from a well-known technology brand
• Nearly 90 percent say they would consider purchasing a smart phone from a highly regarded technology company as an alternative to leading smart phone manufacturers

MacDailyNews Take: Well, that disqualifies Dell.

“Smart phones are an extension of Dell’s strategy to develop intelligent and more mobile products that meet the needs of operators and customers,” said Ron Garriques, president, Dell Communication Solutions. “The Mini 3 is a result of listening to customers and creating products that allow people to do the things they want, whenever and wherever they want to do them.”

“As the leader in smart phones, AT&T makes a great match with Dell to introduce the next Mini 3,” said David Christopher, chief marketing officer, AT&T Mobility and Consumer Markets. “We offer our customers what no one else can, the nation’s fastest 3G network, the nation’s largest Wi-Fi network and now, Dell’s first smart phone in the U.S.”

Details about Dell’s Mini 3 will be announced by AT&T closer to device availability expected during the first half of 2010.

Source: Dell


  1. “…Dell’s strategy to develop intelligent and more mobile products…”

    That’s even funnier. Dell builds crap. Their strategy has always been build crap and sluff it off on the uninformed.

  2. @Tezza

    Apparently you are new to the technology news space where for many years Apple had the “beleaguered” label tagged to its name by all tech pundits.
    This and the fact that Dell was less than courteous about Apple’s fate, its shareholders and how poorly Dell is currently performing is more than enough of a reason to apply the “beleaguered” label to its name. Trust me, they asked for it.
    It is also very satisfying for us inbreds!

  3. Dell= truth is we need the money and Apple is hauling money away! We want a slice since our computer business sucks because we make pennies on a dollar!

    We want to be Apple! Just we have no one worth a damn!

  4. The most stupid responses where….

    “More than half say they wish there were more smart phone options available in the marketplace”

    Does that means that even if the phone is very crappy they are going to buy it only to have an “option”, If all the phones in the world where iPhones you will prefer a crappy LG just because you want a different option?

    I believe those are very stupid responses because it reflects that people are not looking for a good product,they are looking for a ‘condition”, they don’t want service, support, easy of use, functions, they just want many different phones. Definitively that is a Dell market.

  5. Today’s announcement builds upon Dell’s mobile strategy of delivering communications solutions for wireless operators and their dedicated customers.

    What the Hell is he talking about? Dell didn’t HAVE a mobile strategy before this announcement.

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