Analyst: No Intel processor inside Apple’s tablet

Christmas PD5FM $10 discount“Apple is throwing a glamorous Tablet party and chip partner Intel isn’t invited,” Scott Moritz reports for

“With production time of its Tablet approaching, Apple has been making its final decisions on which components will go into the device, which is due out in March,” Moritz reports. “Unfortunately for Intel, it didn’t make the cut, says Northeast Securities analyst Ashok Kumar, based on conversations with Apple’s design manufacturing partners.”

Moritz reports, “There has been speculation that Intel’s new generation of Atom chips was in the running for the slot, but Apple ultimately chose a processor developed by P A Semi, a chip shop Apple acquired two years ago, according to another analyst familiar with the so-called build plan.”

Moritz reports, “If you believe that the closely-watched Apple Tablet will reshape the mobile computing landscape, then the snub deals Intel a significant defeat.”

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  1. The product is not even been disclosed and we are given cost breakdown, processor type, and a slew of opinions about what it will and will not do!

    Where are these wizards when you need to buy stock so you can only make money and not lose any.

    No where to be found- yet sees all! Gawwd!

    Think PA Semi see-ers of the future! They are brillant, to coin a phrase.

  2. Choosing not to go intel will help keep the tablet OS off of netbooks and other tablet devices from winbox makers. We all know that if an intel chip was inside then every cheap SOB out there would be hacking the OS to run on a $300 POS WinTablet.

    This is a good choice to guard against a HackinTablet showing up.

  3. Moritz is a well-known stock manipulator as he works for Jim Cramer. is owned by Cramer and his lackeys.

    I guess his angle is a short position on Intel. Remember this is the guy who floated the rumor that Apple was trying to sell 1M iPhones back when it launched in 2007, which we know he totally made up.

  4. Any decision to use or not use Intel’s processor would have been made a long time ago, NOT “With production time of its Tablet approaching, Apple has been making its final decisions on which components will go into the device.”

  5. The so-called “analyst” obviously never stopped to consider that Apple would never have bought PA Semi if they intended to use Intel chips in future mobile devices.

  6. I am so sick of analysts.. I don’t even understand why such an occupation needs to exist. Every word that comes out of their mouths is little more than baseless speculation. Even more frustrating is how these analyst predictions are reported by the general media as ‘news’ and make indications that what is being speculated is in any way based on fact.

    Hell, for all we know, Apple has no plans at all for a Tablet computer, and if they don’t produce one, the stock will tank because Apple didn’t deliver on a promise it never made.

    I honestly wish these supposed ‘experts’ would go out and find real jobs that actually serve some sort of purpose…

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