Apple to bring iPhone magic to ‘Jesus Tablet?’

“Later this month, we all might get a glimpse of that future. According to The Financial Times, Apple has rented a stage at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco and is expected to make a major product announcement on Tuesday, Jan. 26, where many have speculated that some version of the Apple tablet will be unveiled,” David Carr reports for The New York Times.

“The secretive Apple has made fools out of predictors in the past, but Kai-Fu Lee, the former head of Google in China, posted an item on his personal blog suggesting the Apple tablet would feature a 10.1-inch multitouch screen with three-dimensional graphics. And it’s worth pointing out that many publishers are building content in the belief that when it comes to the tablet, it’s not if, it’s when.”

“So, is the Apple tablet a figment of so much Web-borne pixie dust or is it the second coming of the iPhone, a so-called Jesus tablet that can do anything, including saving some embattled print providers from doom?” Carr reports. “I’m an optimist, so I will pick door No. 2.”

“There hasn’t been this much hype about a tablet since Moses came down from the mountain, but in order for a product to have significant value, it has to solve a problem or be very useful, or both,” Carr reports. “The tablet, properly executed, will be an iPhone on steroids, and anybody who has spent any time with that device knows that much of its magic lies in replicating that intimate offline navigation. It is a very human, almost innate, urge — readers want to touch what they are seeking to learn.”

Carr writes, “Why would people suddenly be compelled to pay for something that they’ve gotten for free? That’s where Apple comes in. A simple, reliable interface for gaining access to paid content can do amazing things: Five years ago, almost no one paid for music online and now, nine billion or so songs sold later, we know that people are willing to pay if the price is right and the convenience is there.”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]


  1. The iSlate has had much hype, that’s for sure. What kinda irks me a little is that many say that the hype is all Apple’s doing, when they haven’t said a single word about anything.

    I was going to get my wife a MacBook for Christmas but with the iSlate so close to becoming a reality, she’s going to wait until she sees what is revealed on the 26th. If she likes it then she’ll be getting that instead.

  2. “And it’s worth pointing out that many publishers are building content in the belief that when it comes to the tablet, it’s not if, it’s when22”

    I was hoping for proof-readers in the New Year.

  3. Calling it the “Jesus tablet” is sacrilegious. I wonder why all of these brave anti-Christian bigots don’t call it the “Allah tablet”, or the “Muhammad tablet”. Must be they don’t want to be at the receiving end of a fatwa on their lives. But you can do whatever you want to Christians, since you can get by with it. Although, I’m always hearing from liberals that Christians are just as bad as Muslims, yet in practice, they seem genuinely scared of the latter, and not at all of the former.


  4. Well look what the Christians did for America for the last eight years.
    Now that there is a Muslim running things…

    If you believe any of that ^^^^ crap, you are an idiot!

  5. @Josh
    I didn’t see any mention of liberal or conservative alignments with respect to those who have dubbed the iSlate the ‘Jesus tablet.’ You seem to have a persecution complex which is driving you to twist reality to suit your limited and rigid view of things.

    For the record, I am concerned about religious zealots of any persuasion. They seem to be able to justify any action, no matter how heinous, as sanctioned from above.

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