RUMOR: Apple ‘tablet’ launch imminent

Parallels Desktop 5 for Mac “Apple is courting owners of US television networks, including CBS and Walt Disney, in the hope of launching a subscription television service over the internet by next year, people familiar with the discussions said,” Kenneth Li and Joseph Menn report for The Financial Times.

“The service is expected to be offered over Apple’s iTunes digital entertainment store, which sells movies and TV shows, but does not offer them for a recurring monthly fee,” Li and Menn report. “The debut of the service is among other entertainment and news services that the maker of the iPod and iPhone could offer on the ‘tablet’ computer it is widely expected to launch imminently.”

“‘The driver behind it [the tablet] will be content,’ said Kathryn Huberty, a Morgan Stanley analyst,” Li and Menn report. “Apple is preparing an announcement next month that many anticipate will be the official unveiling of its tablet, but the company has so far declined to confirm the existence of the device. Wall Street analysts expect mass production of an Apple tablet to begin as early as February.”

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  1. I like the minty smell of the word ‘imminent’ like any other most-things-Apple fan, but mentioning of that Katy Huberty in the same article, ruins the experience a bit, methinks.

    Btw. There’s a curious article out there today that speculates that the ‘imminent’ tablet has a better chance of being named iPad as opposed to iTablet. This is all because how the spacing between the fonts ‘i’ and ‘T’ look awkward and may not sit well with the artistically inspired visionary CEOs of the world—whoever they maybe.

  2. “Apple was said to be offering broadcast networks $2 to $4 per subscriber and basic cable networks $1 to $2 a month”

    I wonder if that means “Apple was said to be offering broadcast networks $2 to $4 and basic cable networks $1 to $2 a month per subscriber” Or if it means “a month PER SHOW per subscriber”. I can see dropping cable/satellite in a heartbeat with the right deal which didn’t include a 300 channel package, 294 of which are NEVER selected. Talk about a landscape changer.

  3. My money’s on iSlate.

    Ok, no real money, but I have some Monopoly money I can throw behind that prediction.

    Er, wait, I only have the iPhone version. Scratch that.

    iPad just lends itself to too many feminine hygiene jokes. iSlate will be permuted into “iS late” by jokesters, but Apple can live with that.

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