Autodesk ships Smoke for Mac OS X

Autodesk Media & EntertainmentAutodesk has announced that it has begun shipping Autodesk Smoke 2010 for Mac OS X, a software-only editorial finishing tool and the first Autodesk finishing product designed to run on the Mac. Smoke software’s proven editorial finishing tools harness the 64-bit power of Snow Leopard to provide an interactive, all-in-one finishing experience.

“The business of post-production is evolving. Post-production and broadcast facilities alike are seeking more affordable, integrated creative tools that can help them stand out from the crowd,” said Stig Gruman, Autodesk vice president of digital entertainment, in the press release. “Smoke 2010 on the Mac has been designed to help editors increase creative output, project quality and turnaround times. It brings production-proven finishing capabilities to the extremely talented community of artists already using the Mac in broadcast and post-production.”

“Snow Leopard is the world’s most advanced operating system, ideal for high performance applications like Smoke 2010,” said Ron Okamoto, Apple’s vice president of Worldwide Developer Relations, in the press release. “We’re delighted that Autodesk is bringing its premier editorial finishing tool to creative professionals on the Mac.”

Autodesk Smoke helped define editorial finishing by combining the timeline workflow of a non-linear editor with advanced visual effects tools. Customers have used Smoke to help shape many high-profile television programs such as “House,” “NCIS,” “CSI: NY” and “Entourage” as well as popular Super Bowl commercials, including Coke Zero “Mean Troy” and’s “One Up.” CCTV in China used Smoke to help create its 2008 Beijing Olympics packaging and promotions as well as for content production during the Games.

Since the software’s Inter BEE technology preview in Japan last month, the creative community has been anticipating the launch of this established editorial finishing offering for the Mac. As a software offering, Smoke easily integrates into existing Mac-based workflows using Final Cut Studio or Media Composer. Visit the Smoke on Mac website for hardware requirements. Top benefits are:

• An all-in-one toolset for editorial finishing: editing, conform, 2D and 3D titling, sophisticated color correction, image stabilization, precision tracking and keying, 2D and 3D compositing, paint, rotoscoping, retouch and design
• Autodesk Modular Keyer, Master Keyer and Colour Warper advanced image-processing technologies
• Ability to import entire timelines from Apple Final Cut Pro or Avid Media Composer using the AAF or XML format and even finish projects using Apple ProRes or Avid DNxHD media used in creative cut
• Native support for popular files-based formats: QuickTime, Panasonic P2 HD and Sony XDCam files
• Support for uncompressed DPX, TIFF and OpenEXR workflows

Smoke 2010 for Mac OS X license is available at a suggested retail price of US$14,995 (U.S. pricing only, international pricing may vary). Autodesk Subscription is available for purchase simultaneously with the product license for $1,995 SRP (U.S. pricing only, international pricing may vary) per year. Autodesk’s Subscription program benefits include software extensions, version upgrades, product support as well as access to exclusive training materials. Smoke 2010 on Mac OS X is also available for a free 30-day trial download.

Source: Autodesk, Inc.


  1. Hrm, I thought Smoke was being rolled into the Maya bundle of software. I guess I was mistaken about that…. and wow, that’s some serious pricing right there. I recall when Shake was this much. Sadly by the time it came down to reasonable pricing levels, it was near EOL. Still a great piece of software, but obviously I need to move on now… sigh.

  2. Apple should buy Autodesk. Builds upon Apple’s dominance in the video / film industry & expands its’ brand into enterprise via AutoCAD & Revit BIM products.

    Use Parallels / VMware for ACAD / Revit for now.

    Apple could buy Autodesk outright & still have over half of its’ cash reserves intact.

  3. @LLIB

    Apple should not buy AutoDesk ever.
    1. AutoDesk market cap is 6BB, annual revenue ~ $1.6BB. Net income ~$100MM. 8000 employees. Not a good margin and an expensive company to buy for little income. The company made losses 2-4 quarter ago.
    2. Apple buys small companies that offer it technological advantages (software, web, and hardware). AutoDesk is an established company that has a niche market and isn’t doing too well.

  4. I so can’t believe how Apple dropped Shake (and Tremors)! And now that Combustion has been EOL’d, there isn’t anything left really. Fusion (Win only), Nuke and that joke called AfterEffects. 🙁

  5. History of AutoDesk:

    Couple guys get together and decide to write computer software.
    Write a bunch of random programs including a drafting program.
    Get lucky that the drafting program was actually useful.
    Sell the same program for 20 years by incorporating massive feature bloat.
    Fail to innovate.
    Buy other companies that complement AutoCAD.
    Repeat previous step.
    Continue to buy other companies.
    Rest on overpriced laurels.

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