Dvorak: Apple’s iPhone is ruining the country

Apple Online Store “I suppose this whole thing began a couple of years ago. Now it’s completely out of control. At some point cell phones captured the collective consciousness of computer users. Now they’re all anyone talks about anymore,” John C. Dvorak writes for PC Magazine.

“I’ve pondered this as I’ve watched people play with their iPhones. The primary reason to get one is for random Web browsing (which iPhone owners generally do to show off the fact that they can browse the Web on their handset) or time-wasting. The latter seems to be the main use of cell phones these days,” Dvorak writes. “I include phone calls in that category. Honestly, how much time does any one person need to yak on the phone? Nearly every time I overhear a phone conversation, the chit-chat is almost always inane, useless, unnecessary.”

MacDailyNews Take: While we, gulp, agree with the bloated gas bag on the last point, he’s obviously not watching experienced iPhone users work, not “play,” with their iPhones.

Dvorak continues, “And when people are not too busy needlessly chattering on the phone, they’re sending messages to all of their friends for no apparent reason.”

MacDailyNews Take: Agreed (even though us agreeing twice with Dvorak in one article means that the Apocalypse is nigh).

Dvorak continues, “When they’re not on the phone or texting, the person is probably goofing around on the phone. In the old days when people were standing in line or otherwise waiting for something, they’d read a book or knit or meditate. Now they fool around on the phone… They play games, sort messages, look for new apps. In other words, they waste time. Really, the iPhone is only the greatest handset around because it has more ways to waste time than any phone, ever.”

MacDailyNews Take: Here are just three examples, each of which has at least 50 other apps in its category:
• Free Books: 23,469 classics for less than a cup of coffee. (See all App Store apps for “books”)
• Knit Counter: A convenient way to store stitch counts and info for multiple knitting projects. (See all App Store apps for “knit”)
• Meditate – Meditation Timer: Elegant and functional meditation timer. (See all App Store apps for “meditate”)

Dvorak continues, “With the economy in the tank, this is probably as good a use of idle time as anything. But let’s face it, this whole phone thing is about wasting time… Cell phones are ruining the country. The economy has tanked in proportion to the growing popularity of the iPhone. This is no coincidence, as far as I’m concerned.”

Talk about wasting time, the full article – Think Before You Click™ – is here.


  1. “Now they’re all anyone talks about anymore,” John C. Dvorak writes for PC Magazine.

    So after moaning that everybody is talking about the iPhone, what is Dvorak choosing to talk about ? The iPhone of course.

  2. Talk about ” inane, useless, unnecessary.” That’s Dvorak.

    The iPhone makes people vastly more productive. That it can also be used effectively for time-wasting is also true of automobiles, television, and reading Dvorak’s column.

    He never has anything good to say about any Apple product.

  3. Wow, I guess Dvorak must fixate on the shallow and vapid.
    I surf the web on my phone for information on any number of things.
    I use it for directions. I use it to communicate with others in my field and when I talk on my iPhone it is for business or family matters. There are of course occasions when I have this thing called a “conversation”, to others not involved it might seem inane, but I am sure that Dvorak has deep discussions about Sartre and other things of depth that I could never appreciate.

  4. I guess his comments have come about because he’s gone to use his phone and maybe couldn’t get a connection (or it kept dropping out), but how I choose to use, or waste, my time on my iphone is my business, and I don’t need a gas-bag like this telling me otherwise.

  5. So what! This is how people use cell phones…to socialize and relax…maybe they should ban people talking or playing games on their iPhones since it is clearly wrecking society. Maybe we should start burning certain books as well if they don’t serve any purpose aside from idle enjoyment.

    Dvorak = 1984

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