Floodgates open for 3G video broadcasting on iPhone

Great Offers at MacWarehouse“Today, Ustream Live Broadcaster is now available from the App Store, and it enables live video broadcasting from an iPhone 3GS or iPhone 3G over either WiFi or 3G cell network to unlimited desktop and mobile clients. While the app’s approval seems to signal a policy change with respect to transmitting video over AT&T’s 3G network, it also seems at odds with AT&T Mobility CEO Ralph de la Vega’s recent comments that a small percentage of heavy data users can ruin service for others on the network,” Chris Foresman reports for Ars Technica.

“De la Vega repeated that message in comments yesterday during UBS Investment Bank’s annual Global Media and Communications Conference. He said that 3 percent of smartphone users—which de la Vega was quick to point out were mostly iPhone users—are responsible for 40 percent of the traffic on AT&T’s mobile wireless network,” Foresman reports.

“If merely watching video—which is optimized for mobile delivery—is causing problems, wouldn’t transmitting video via 3G only exacerbate those problems? It seems like enabling streaming video transmission could quickly lead to users sucking up network capacity in an ‘inordinate fashion,’ as de la Vega described it,” Foresman reports. “Despite de la Vega’s dire warnings of network issues being caused by heavy data users, AT&T reported that it earned a 39 percent margin on wireless service for 2009, and expects to push that to the mid-40s going forward.”

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  1. i cant wait to download this and stream useless video to my mac…just to suck up more of AT&Ts;bandwidth. hehe, and since im jailbroken, why not put that in the background while i also stream sling box to my phone over 3G. Jailbroken FTW

  2. Spend your profits to increase your bandwidth for a fast-changing, self-gratifiying, information based pack of wolves, or lose…it’s really that simple. In the future, the bandwidth increase need will be exponential from today’s need, so do it now and do it fast if you wanna win. Most AT&T;execs will be retired by then and leave the problem to the remaining bellybutton pickers.

  3. Actually Ustream’s broadcast app wont increase bandwidth useage much at all. Typical upload speeds are only about 400 kps to 700 kps and most broadcasts are a one to many so the increased bandwidth useage wont really be attributable to the broadcaster but to the number of audience watching it, and since most will be watching the streams from Ustream’s servers on thier own ISP, Att really wont see much of a hit. The veiwing app released last year would be more likely to increase the bandwidtth useage..

  4. @PreDrag,
    I think this one beats yours (although yours was very good. Did they really kill all those spiders back then with no special FX?)

    Make SURE you watch this one till the end.
    (Warning: not for the faint of heart)


  5. i cant wait to download this and stream useless video to my mac…just to suck up more of AT&T;’s bandwidth… —pwntbywombat

    Definitely one of the dumbest comments I’ve ever read.

  6. I really hate De La Vega’s tone. Apparently, using products AT&T;agreed to carry in a way that’s been advertised is a pro blem. Find a f***ing way to embrace these customers and not make them feel the way you regard them in your statements: moochers or over users. Hey, you sold the device and data plan, live with it. Do you think users who just call and maybe text once in a while are your future revenue source? Idiots

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