Electrolux’s ultra-quiet concept vacuum features built-in iPod dock and speakers (with video)

“Elextrolux has designed this concept cleaner that takes an ultra-quiet vacuum, then makes it loud again–but in a good way,” Bianca Bosker reports for The Huffington Post.

“The ‘Silence Amplified’ iPod vacuum would come equipped with music-playing iPod dock connectd to speakers, which they promise would substantially increase the pleasure and efficacy of your chores,” Bosker reports.

Direct link to video via YouTube here.

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Edward W.” for the heads up.]


  1. Mark S., it’s an <u>Electrolux</u>. They have always been, in the world of vacuum cleaners, the Gold Standard. There are some other “new technologies” that in some ways “outperform” them, but you can count on the model you get as a wedding gift lasting until your kids graduate from high school. If, that is, they manage to graduate.
    Fat Bastard, I mostly agree. I am no fan of the headsets, though. Crank up the stereo … not so good when you go into another room, though. Hmm …

  2. I guess this is the time (before someone else does) to crank out that oldie-but-goodie,

    “The only time Microsoft could produce something that doesn’t suck would be if it made vacuum cleaners”..

    Gets me every time.

  3. Electrolux sucks and here’s why:

    We bought an Electrolux vacuum cleaner and it died under warranty. We then had it replaced and six months out of warranty and the replacement started playing up. The repairman said not to buy Electrolux because they are plagued with problems.

    We then replaced it with a Hoover and that lasted for years. Eventually it need need a fine-tuning and we sent it to a Electrolux repair shop. It came back worse than when we sent it. We then replaced with a Miele. The Miele rocks!

    Now I’m not a serial poster on MDN but if there’s one product that I wouldn’t touch with barge-pole it’s Electrolux. Frankly if I had to choose between Microsoft and Electrolux I’d go for the former. Then again I think I’d just jump off the nearest bridge instead of having to make a choice.

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