Woz plans to be in line for Apple tablet on launch day, says he’s heard Steve Jobs doing well

Great Offers at MacWarehouse“Steve Wozniak may no longer be an Apple employee, but he’s still a loyal shopper, saying Wednesday that he’ll buy {Apple’s rumored tablet],” Marisa Taylor reports for The Wall Street Journal.

MacDailyNews Take: That’s incorrect. Woz, in addition to being an Apple Inc. stockholder, is still technically an Apple employee. Woz has routinely stated that he wants to remain an Apple employee forever.

Taylor continues, “‘If there is such a thing,’ he said at a conference. ‘I buy everything Apple comes out with.’ He then added, ‘There is no such thing,’ after which Fusion-io President David Flynn interjected, ‘You’re talking to a guy who has seven [navigation] systems in his car. So he will definitely be buying it.'”

“Mr. Wozniak declined to discuss the health of Apple CEO Steve Jobs, but then said that he’d heard Mr. Jobs was doing well, according to some employees,” Taylor reports.

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  1. 7 Navigation Systems.

    1. Locate closest Mcdonalds
    2. Locate closest KFC
    3. Locate closest Toilet
    4. Locate closest Shopping mall
    5. Locate closest Camera Crew
    6. Locate closest the iPhones he’s lost in the car
    7. Locate the device he inserted into Steve Job’s shoe to track him down…

  2. No, no — “… has seven [navigation] systems in his car.” which I assume means in ONE car! Assuming they all provide voice directions and are set to female voices, perhaps he just likes having woman nag him!

  3. I wish I knew more about Woz’s current friendship/working relationship with Steve. I mean, they co-founded Apple, were presumably the best of friends… now when Woz talks about Steve, it’s like he’s no closer to the guy than a typical Apple employee is. The company’s SVPs probably know more about Steve than Woz does.

    Am I wrong about that?

  4. @MDN,

    I 100% agree with you guys… The Woz is still an Apple employee!
    He stated it himself in his autobiograhy, “iWoz” – a great book.
    Even though he does not actually work at Apple anymore, he never resigned.

  5. “I wish I knew more about Woz’s current friendship/working relationship with Steve.”

    Well… Read iWoz and you’ll find out…
    But in short, they just see life differently today.
    You can even say it has always been the case.
    One Steve always sought the power and the other, freedom.
    So they kind of drifted apart… Woz thinks is happier than Jobs.
    But there’s no big issue between them. They appreciate each other.


  6. @ Mr. Reeee–

    Woz chooses to stand in line because he considers it to be part of the experience. He was seen standing in line on iPhone launch day, and he said that Steve offered to send him z complimentary unit, but he turned it down because he wanted to stand in line!

  7. @MDN: The article does not state, “”Steve Wozniak may no longer be an Apple employee…”

    It states, “Steve Wozniak may no longer be an active Apple employee…”

    As an inactive employee, he wouldn’t be on the company directory.

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