Apple tablet to carry shockingly low price? (w/ video, including Mac and iPhone user John Hodgman)

“Apple’s long rumored tablet could have a surprisingly low price, based on an unusual rumor from the latest episode of Revision3 show Diggnation (viewable below),” Electronista reports.

“Following prompting from Digg founder Kevin Rose, who insisted his co-host ‘heard about something’ related to the device, fellow presenter Alex Albrecht reluctantly claimed shortly before the halfway point of the show to know that the tablet would be less expensive than he and likely others would expect,” Electronista reports. “‘I was shocked at how cheap the price point was going to be,’ he said, only half-teasing that he may or may not be serious.”

Electronista reports, “The podcast also provides a few minor revelations from guest John Hodgman about his role as ‘PC’ in Apple’s ‘Get a Mac’ ads, [including] that it’s rare for him to receive free products. Early into the campaign, he did receive a free iPod and MacBook Pro, but has paid for everything else since.

MacDailyNews Note: He also states, “I have been a Mac user since 1984.”

Direct link to video here.

Read more in the full article here.


  1. Of course will be very inexpensive, it will be supported by paid by Ads and subscription to magazines and news papers.
    It will have a special 3g radio so you can read your news paper or magazine anywhere any time. Also, the hardware will not work as a computer (you can’t replace the OS, but may be hacked like the apple TV).

    Ok, I just woke up, it was just a dream ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />

  2. Food for thought from Edible Apple, October 19, 2009:

    “Digg co-founder Kevin Rose’s track record regarding Apple rumors is spotty. Sometimes he’s way off base and sometimes he’s right on the money (i.e re: cut, copy, and paste on the iPhone). That being the case, take this with a huge grain of salt.”

  3. That being the case, take this with a huge grain of salt.”

    so huge I couldn’t throw a grain over my shoulder.

    How many people talk as though they’re getting their information from the man himself? It’s just their egos talking, wanting to seem connected, or precient, and it’s high time these people have their feet held to the fire in a very public way, especially when they are so wrong you could drive a bus through their logic held apart by specious talking points.

    Kevin Rose is a tart who is titilated by backyard gossip and would feel right at home with the likes of other Valley wags, or dare I say, wogs.

    Anyone who has bought a first-release product from Apple, especially in the first few months of its introduction will pay a hefty premium for having the pleasure and bragging rights.

    Having said all that, I see an entry-level tablet right at the thousand-dollar mark and higher, not lower.

  4. Has Kevin Rose ever owned up to his often hilariously inaccurate predictions?

    Has he learned to be more discerning about whose word he accepts when talking about Apple rumors?

    Forget “grain of salt” – take this with an entire salt mine.

  5. Macuser since 1988 – the first year I could afford to buy one.

    “it’s rare for him to receive free products. Early into the campaign, he did receive a free iPod and MacBook Pro, but has paid for everything else since.”

    Well, that must make all you guys carping for Apple NOT to lower prices happy: Getting every dollar back they can from their employees. Who said the company store was dead.

    I can’t believe I just wasted an hour of my life watching a flaming liberal…but it was cool conversation.

  6. Hmm. What if, big IF, the price you pay is based on magazine subscriptions you buy! Two year commitment for several magazines, you pay $199. Based on the iPhone concept, this may be possible. Could also explain why some magazines are apparently eagerly adapting their product for interactivity.

  7. @Handsome Smitty
    Liberal is not a pejorative.
    It merely means that you actually think about things before deciding instead of blindly following, like conservatives do. Look it up & figure it out for yourself.

    Loved the interview. Unfortunately, I didn’t become a Mac user until 1990.

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