RUMOR: Apple to release wireless accelerometer-equipped computer mouse

“The successor of Apple’s Mighty Mouse could actually bring much more mightiness if reports we obtained from our sources are to be believed,” Alexandros Roussos reports for SiliconRumors.

“The mouse that will succeed to the Mighty Mouse could be equipped with an accelerometer and come in a wireless only version sources told SiliconRumors,” Roussos reports.

“Sources added that it could not only replace the Mighty Mouse but also the Apple Remote Control which has become optional in the latest MacBook and MacBook Pro refreshes,” Roussos reports.

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  1. I have two “mighty” mice and they suck something mighty.
    1. The scroller ball constantly gets jammed up and is near impossible to clear.
    2. They won’t scroll inside a Stickies note for some god-unknown reason when any 3rd party mouse will.
    3. They constantly cause errant clicks invoking the Dashboard, Expose, etc, when you don’t want it.
    4. They confuse the heck out of new users who, with the invisible buttons, fail to know why it’s not working reliably.
    5. The wireless ones eat batteries something fierce.

    Any update will likely be welcome, but I really wish Apple would simply provide a basic reliable multi-button mouse that actually works fully within their own OS.

  2. Ummm…. this doesn’t sound like a mouse or a remote. It sounds like a gaming controller ala Wiimote. Hopefully one for the AppleTV. And why not? There are already thousands, if not millions of AppleTVs sitting beside TVs just waiting to be used for gaming. With a huge app store for the iPhone, the majority of which are games, Apple is in great position to offer those same developers a shot at gaming on AppleTVs everywhere.

  3. Mighty Mouse is great apart from the fact that they don’t last very long. The scroll ball clogs way to easily and needs some design improvement.

    Let’s face it though, Apple has never been known for shipping good quality mice.

  4. Works well and does not have an obnoxious number of buttons like the logitech mice.

    Have a Logitech here. Has four buttons (two on top, two on the side I don’t use) and a non-clogging scroll wheel. Hardly obnoxious.

    IMO it’s every bit as good as the Apple Pro mouse, my previous favorite.

    Apple could learn from it.

  5. I’ve only been a mac convert for a year, but I already knew that logitech makes the best mice, so I stuck with them, and never bothered with a mighty mouse. I didn’t think they had a right click, so why bother. But are u seriousely telling me that not only is the mighty mouse not laser, it’s not even optical?!?!? You’ve got to be freaking kidding me!! They still use a ball???? I simply can’t believe you idiots deal with terrible and innaccurate tracking, and you have to clean your ball/rollers consantly. Aren’t you guys all artists anyway? ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />. I wouldn’t trust a non optical mouse for even video games, much less work. Remind myself never to trust you idiots again. I thought just one mouse button was bad…

  6. It sounds like a gaming controller ala Wiimote.

    Apple already has two AppleTV controllers: the iPhone and iPod Touch.

    Maybe this “mouse” is Apple’s answer to Wii’s nunchuk? ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />

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