RUMOR: Apple to release wireless accelerometer-equipped computer mouse

“The successor of Apple’s Mighty Mouse could actually bring much more mightiness if reports we obtained from our sources are to be believed,” Alexandros Roussos reports for SiliconRumors.

“The mouse that will succeed to the Mighty Mouse could be equipped with an accelerometer and come in a wireless only version sources told SiliconRumors,” Roussos reports.

“Sources added that it could not only replace the Mighty Mouse but also the Apple Remote Control which has become optional in the latest MacBook and MacBook Pro refreshes,” Roussos reports.

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  1. Works well and does not have an obnoxious number of buttons like the logitech mice.

    Have a Logitech here. Has four buttons (two on top, two on the side I don’t use) and a non-clogging scroll wheel. Hardly obnoxious.

    IMO it’s every bit as good as the Apple Pro mouse, my previous favorite.

    Apple could learn from it.

  2. I’ve only been a mac convert for a year, but I already knew that logitech makes the best mice, so I stuck with them, and never bothered with a mighty mouse. I didn’t think they had a right click, so why bother. But are u seriousely telling me that not only is the mighty mouse not laser, it’s not even optical?!?!? You’ve got to be freaking kidding me!! They still use a ball???? I simply can’t believe you idiots deal with terrible and innaccurate tracking, and you have to clean your ball/rollers consantly. Aren’t you guys all artists anyway? ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />. I wouldn’t trust a non optical mouse for even video games, much less work. Remind myself never to trust you idiots again. I thought just one mouse button was bad…

  3. It sounds like a gaming controller ala Wiimote.

    Apple already has two AppleTV controllers: the iPhone and iPod Touch.

    Maybe this “mouse” is Apple’s answer to Wii’s nunchuk? ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />

  4. Omg:

    take thirty seconds to look at your mighty mouse (if you can remember where you put it). It has no buttons, but it supports up to four button functions:

    Left click
    Right click
    Side squeeze
    Scroll ball push

    On the bottom, you’ll see a red optical sensor. On the top, instead of a scroll wheel (that goes in only one direction, up/down), you’ll find a scroll ball, that allows you to scroll in 360 degrees. So, if you’re working on a large photoshop file, you can move around by scrolling the ball, rather than hunting for the scroll bars, or changing the toll and using arrow keys (or dragging the mouse). I don’t know if there is any other mouse out there that can do that.

    The little scroll ball on the top can unfortunately quickly pick up gunk and begin to malfunction. Ordinary (and effective) remedy is to get a wet piece of smooth cloth (like a napkin), lay it on your table and run your mouse upside down across that cloth, making sure the ball gets plenty of exercise on that cloth. This fixes it for me every time.

  5. The Mighty Mouse *is* laser/optical. The “ball” they’re referring to is the scroll ball on top. I’m using one here (came with my iMac).

    After a few months, I found mine could scroll up, but not down. I finally visited a local Apple Store for a possible warranty replacement. They took it to the back, cleaning it with an alcohol compound. Not perfect, but it’s working. I too would love to replace it with a multi-touch pad.

    As to Omg’s “logitech makes the best mice”, I spent a few years doing desktop support and replaced more than a few “Dell” and “HP” mice (made by Logitech).

  6. @predrag

    Yeah, the mighty mouse is a great concept, but the fact that it jams so easily means that it has some design issues. Sometimes cleaning like you said helps, but really there has to be a better design solution out there.. I’m not gonna pretend to know what it is as I’m not a designer, but there has to be one..

  7. The mighty mouse really sucks…. they really need to fix the trackball. It’s a nice concept but they need to put a touchpad where the trackball is for scrolling.

    Other than that, it basically gives me RSI… damn shame cause theres not that many white mouses out there that are ergonomical

  8. Mighty Mice….I have three and LOVE them. I will admit they sometimes jam in the ball but you just clean it with compressed air can….EZ!!!

    I also use an ExactMat from Razer …Alum pad coated in teflon….and I also spray it with silicone to make it even better.

  9. What I hate about mighty mouse is when the F***ing scroll ball gets dirty & clogs.

    BUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! When everything works, it performs beautifully. The buttonless right&left;clicking works great. But I will never go out & pay a premium for it. Only will use mighty mouse if it comes with what ever Apple system I purchase next.

    I bought a Full-size Logitech USB Optical mouse at walmart for $8.95 and it works just as great. Though it doesn’t match my iMac Setup, It works great & I know that huge scroll wheel won’t give me any issues for a LONG time.

  10. I would rather see better mouse drivers than a new mouse. The fact that I cannot turn off acceleration is a constant annoyance to me.

    That said, this is a neat idea…

  11. IF you are technically inclined, and love to de-assemble gadgets, there is a procedure to clean the ball pickup wheels (the actual culprit). I’ve done it on 3 MMs and it works. Make sure to have superglue on hand before starting.
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