Apple faces class action lawsuit over defective iMac displays

“Apple is facing a new class-action lawsuit claiming the company’s iMac displays start to show unwanted vertical lines, which Apple is refusing to fix under warranty,” Zach Spear reports for AppleInsider.

“Florida resident Aram Hovsepian filed the 13-page complaint in a Northern California court last week on behalf of himself and ‘thousands”‘ of other customers who purchased iMacs with the ‘latent defect,'” Spear reports.

“Attorneys for Hovsepian are seeking compensatory damages in the form of reimbursement plus interest for the faulty hardware, along with attorneys’ fees and expenses,” Spear reports.

MacDailyNews Take: Not necessarily in that order.

Full article, with videos, here.


  1. I am having unsimilar display problems with an iMac purchased in Dec 2006. I think I may have misunderstood the meaning of 12 month warranty. I’ll have to take it in and complain and demand to get it fixed for free.

    Any lawyers there willing to do my bleating for me?

  2. The lawsuit does not specify the iMac model(s) alleged to have the display defect, but implies that the issue plagues models sold in both 2006 and 2008.

    Phew….I plan on buying mine in 2009.

    Seriously, I heard it is only the 20″ models and not the 24″…is this true?

  3. I have had a 24 inch iMac since August 2007 and am happy to say that I have had no problems with brightness, heat, or any other issue like that. I use it just about every day and have edited images and pictures on it and they look perfect. There are about 2 hours during the day when there is too much glare from outside for me to work but since I am usually in school at that time, it really doesn’t matter.


  4. yeah i’m actually really happy this article came out because previously i had found nothing on goggle about these problems. I bought my mac, 17 inch white one in april 2007, just before the new aluminium macs were introduced. about three months ago one white line showed up. i currently have 8 lines on my screen. im guessing from here on it only gets worse. the colors change too.

    Really hoping apple is forced to fix these since im way out of warranty

  5. Simple FIX PEOPLE BUY A NEW MAC, give a child your old one
    whats a 1000$ it’s chicken feed, and if you think it’s not then get educated about something and get a better fix of income for yourself.

    Hell these MACS are a YEAR OLD ever clone a Mac to a new one??? Saves all of your setup time.

    GET OFF YOUR ASS AND IMPROVE YOURSELF!!! ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

  6. I have a Late 2006 17 inch 2Ghz iMac Core 2 Duo & I did purchase apple before the 12 months ended.

    It’s 2009 & still no lines. But when my applecare runs out & my screen dies, I will just plug in the external DVI port & hide the iMac under the desk & brig up the use hub. In a location that makes it easy enough to access the Superdrive & Power Button. Thats it. The world doesn’t come to an end and all displays will eventually die. But it shouldn’t show since of dying prematurely…

    I’m not gonna sell it on ebay for under $100. But really, I think I would buy a Mac Pro or the Mac Mini if it’s given killer power like rumors say. Thats if anything else other than the display fails.

  7. As a small Mac reseller in the Caribbean I have to say that I have seen several iMacs with this problem (particularly, but not limited to, 17″ models). These have all been the white models before the aluminium models came out.

    These are high numbers for a small market like we have here, so it must be pretty widespread worldwide.

    Apple needs to deal with this issue.

  8. I have almost 50 lines on my PB G4. There have been several websites devoted to lines on the PB G4, though many, including those on the Apple forums, have been taken down. Remaining are: [The best of them.]

    A class action lawsuit was contemplated, but the lawyer never followed through.

    It’s good to realize that while hundreds or thousands of people have reported the vertical line issue online, another pool of people with the defect have NOT reported it online, and/or are still under warranty and get their machines fixed free.

    I made serious efforts to get Apple to admit to and take care of this manufacturing flaw, including writing to Apple headquarters. I got nowhere.

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