RUMOR: Apple to release wireless accelerometer-equipped computer mouse

“The successor of Apple’s Mighty Mouse could actually bring much more mightiness if reports we obtained from our sources are to be believed,” Alexandros Roussos reports for SiliconRumors.

“The mouse that will succeed to the Mighty Mouse could be equipped with an accelerometer and come in a wireless only version sources told SiliconRumors,” Roussos reports.

“Sources added that it could not only replace the Mighty Mouse but also the Apple Remote Control which has become optional in the latest MacBook and MacBook Pro refreshes,” Roussos reports.

Full article here.


  1. Mighty mice here at the office have been more bad than good. Sadly true of many of Apple’s ride-along peripherals.

    – the new skinny keyboards get bent. last good one was the full-size white-key

    – mighty mouse wheelyball clogs & fails.

    – iphone earbuds break — on my 3rd pair in less than a year.

    It’d be nice to see a fix of the mightymouse. improvements are even better, but a fix at least.

  2. I personally think the mighty mouse is terrific. Works well and does not have an obnoxious number of buttons like the logitech mice. THe only thing that I can complain about is the ball gets gunked up pretty regularly, but it’s easy to clean.

  3. PC Apologist and others: please stop posting about hardware you do not own- some of those comments show a lack of ownership. I feel the mighty mouse is the best mouse on the market AND I use one on a Windows PC at work because I must use a PC at work. Although you can’t scroll sideways with it in Windows, it is awesome and helped my carpel tunnel. The new thin chiclet keyboards are good for people like me who program and type a lot – helped witharm strain – I use the wireless keyboard with my Macbook at home

  4. I am on my third Mighty Mouse in three years, all replaced under warranty by Apple, including a free upgrade to Bluetooth, which has the same trackball problem as the others.

    If they do release a new type, I will ask for one of them to replace my current mouse, hopefully ending the problems.

    If not, I will buy one of these when my warranty expires;_content=banner&utm_campaign=maclife-formac

    $53.00 at Amazon.

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