HearPlanet offers app for free; double-decker tour bus launch party at Macworld Expo

HearPlanet turns your iPhone into a talking tour guide and literally ‘Brings the world to your ears.’ Released into Apple’s iTunes App Store on Christmas Eve, HearPlanet quickly climbed into the top ten on Apple’s list of paid Travel applications. Now, to celebrate their recent debut, HearPlanet is hosting one of the most unique and memorable events in the history of Macworld and offering their application for free. (Regularly $3.99 in the iTunes App Store.)

HearPlanet is offering demonstrations of the application in and around the tour bus, each day of Macworld (January 6th – 9th), as well as complimentary rides between the Moscone Convention Center and nearby Macworld events. Along the way the bus will conduct mini tours of nearby San Francisco sights, demonstrating the power of HearPlanet’s ability to deliver its location based audio info on-the-go.

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday (around 5pm) the bus switches to party mode as HearPlanet hosts a full-on San Francisco style DJ party. The party is portable and Macworld attendees are invited to climb aboard.

HearPlanet has partnered with San Francisco’s Super Sightseeing Tours who’ve provided a double-decker tour bus for this event, as well as some of the content contained in HearPlanet’s database of nearly 250,000 locations. HearPlanet adds locations and content to the system daily and new content is immediately available to all HearPlanet users.

Steven Echtman, HearPlanet’s CEO, says in the press release, “Our partnership with Super Sightseeing Tours proves our ability to quickly add partners and their content to our system. Our information architecture is built to rapidly scale and seamlessly provide additional content to our users as it becomes available.”

Macworld attendees can get real-time updates on where the bus is and where it’s stopping next by following ‘HearPlanet’ on Twitter.

HearPlanet has also created an exclusive audio guide to the very best Macworld events. Simply search on ‘Macworld’ in the HearPlanet application to find featured parties and events with details narrated by their hosts.

As a limited time promotion, the HearPlanet application is available for free during this week’s Macworld.

HearPlanet turns your iPhone into a talking tour guide. With almost 250,000 available locations users can instantly access spoken information on places all over the globe. The application instantly tells you what’s around you, and you can find information on almost anything or anyplace in the world via search. HearPlanet adds locations and content to the system daily, and new content is immediately available to all HearPlanet users.

Unlike traditional guides where you have to thumb through pages of small print, HearPlanet speaks to you allowing you to take in the sights and remain present to the splendor of your environment. Picture the planet as one giant museum, then HearPlanet is your audio guide to the world. It’s like having a docent or professional tour guide always by your side.

Source: HearPlanet


  1. Too bad it uses a computer to ‘read’ wiki articles (that are missing words) about a place.
    I did not hear any real voices or professional recordings. Somewhat annoying in real use actually.

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