Study: Apple iPhones twice as reliable as RIM BlackBerries

“The iPhone is twice as reliable as the Blackberry after one year of ownership, a new study by SquareTrade finds. SquareTrade, which sells extra warranties for cell phones and other devices, looked at the failure rates of 15,000 phones covered under its plans. The malfunction rate for iPhones after one year is 5.6 percent, compared to 11.2 percent for the Blackberry and 16.2 percent for the Treo,” Erick Schonfeld reports for MobileCrunch.

“The study projects that the failure rate for the iPhone after two years will be between 9.2 and 11.3 percent, compared to actual two-year failure rates of 14.3 percent for BlackBerries and 21.0 percent for Treos,” Schonfeld reports.

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Opportun” for the heads up.]


  1. 5 iPhones huh…hummm…..I once bought a high end underwater camera and the warranty said….”do not change batteries, film or lens while underwater”….I wonder if LOL is the reason this type of warranty is written. FIVE…like what heck happened to them?

  2. 15,000 devices? Out of the millions each company sells every quarter? How accurate can this survey be with such a small sample size. A small variance in issues with all other devices of each brand could completely reverse the results. Doesn’t anyone have a skeptical bone in their body? Oh, I forgot I was reading MDN where they follow blindly anything pro-apple to trash every other brand. So funny.

    LOL doesn’t believe this – on his 5th iPhone in 18 months? I bet that didn’t show up in this survey.

  3. The really odd thing here is that anyone who has an iPhone knows that you regularly (at least once per week) reboot the phone. If it starts to get a little wonky, you completely shut it down, then restart it, like any other computer.

    What I wonder is exactly what are they calling a malfunction? My iPhone(s) malfunction regularly. Never hard, just a quick reboot and they’re running again. Same as with a Blackberry.

    One thing I’ll say for sure, I wind up assisting clients with BlackBerry problems all the time, but seldom with iPhone problems. Most of the people I work with who use iPhone can resolve their own issues, while BlackBerry issues often involve the carrier, the BlackBerry service, and all too often replacing the unit.

  4. Peter Barlow,

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  5. 5 iphones all replaces under apple warranty and if i hadnt paid $600 for i i would have probably moved on by now

    1. dead earpeice could not hear calls unless in speakerphone
    2. phone would repeatedly crash when receiving calls and text messages apple had no fix so they replaced the phone
    3. on/off button on replacement began sticking one week after it was received
    4. main button on phone would not bring the phone out of sleep mode.

    now im on my 5th phone… and I don not beleve any of the issues have anything to do with the way i treat the phone

  6. @ Crazylegs

    Statistics are easy to understand. Google it if you have to.

    @ theloniousMac

    Malfunction is also an easy concept. In this case when they say functions badly they are talking hardware not software. No one made any claims on OS 2.0 before the subsequent software updates made the iPhone function better.

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