Apple to dump Intel integrated graphics chipsets for NVIDIA’s in new MacBooks; Blu-ray, too?

“Apple will announce as part of its special media event Tuesday a new family of MacBooks that will abandoned Intel’s integrated graphics chipsets for those part of NVIDIA’s new mobile platform,” Kasper Jade and Aidan Malley report for AppleInsider.

“People familiar with the matter say, at a minimum, the 13-inch systems will adopt chipsets from NVIDIA’s MCP79 platform, as was predicted earlier this week by technology journalist Ryan Shrout,” Jade and Malley report. “Word of the switch validates claims first published by AppleInsider earlier this summer, speficially that Apple would drop Intel’s stock designs for the first time since the transition to x86 processors in 2006.”

“Apple reportedly will use NVIDIA’s MCP79 platform which “is believed to use a new set of GeForce 9300 and 9400 series integrated mainboard graphics processors. Regardless of which variant Apple uses, both are expected to support the latest visual effects and will theoretically blow past the performance of not just the Intel GMA X3100 video on Apple’s current MacBooks but also the GMA 4500MHD found on newer notebooks using Intel’s reference hardware,” Jade and Aidan Malley report.

“Separately, Digg founder Kevin Rose is claiming in a yet-to-be-shown live Diggnation episode that the new 13-inch MacBooks will include Blu-ray at some level,”Jade and Aidan Malley report.

More in the full article here.

Also, more info via an AppleInsider report from yesterday, “NVIDIA platform claimed likely for new MacBook line,” here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “James W.” for the heads up.]


  1. Apple needs (as any other constructor) to propose the best solutions of the time.
    I’m sure Intel and Apple work hard on new and inedit components to have the overall best results in computing on Macs.
    By now Intel has just to bring out better integrated graphic chipsets.

  2. Just make the Blu-Ray drives external USB2 devices for all 10.5.6 Macs at huge cost. A Combo Blu-Ray as expensive and a RW Blu-Ray as exorbitant. That way the MacBook price is kept low for those who don’t want it, and available for those who do. And it would mean you don’t need to buy a new Mac or new Blu-Ray drive for every one of your older Macs.

  3. HG Wells:

    Using tabs while browsing is neither a sign of advancement, intelligence or superiority. It’s a matter of personal opinion. You’re a pompous antagonist.

    Oh, that was my personal opinion.

  4. @ HolyMackerel : +1 . Even professionnaly, there’ll be no real need for Blu-Ray support before at least a year! (By then, externals will be lot cheaper).
    @ meh : +1 . I hate and never use tabs.

  5. “A Combo Blu-Ray as expensive”


    ” and a RW Blu-Ray as exorbitant.”


    And discount all those prices by the $25 retail cost of the “SuperDrive” or $17 cost of the “Combo Drive”. putting a “Superdrive” in everything should cost mac owners less than $8 extra on a machine. Blu-Ray player capability would add about $70 to the cost of your Mac, or $110 to be able to burn them.

    And these are retail quantity one prices, what you expect to pay, not what Apple pays for 2 million/quarter.

  6. Whether we like it or not an 1.6Gb HD Movie from iTunes and a 30+ HD movie on Blu-ray are not comparable. I welcome blu-ray to the mac and see it’s huge potential. Apple is on the blu-ray supports list, it is about time they step up and embrace the technology that is far superior to downloads at this time.

  7. No BlueRay for Macbooks

    MacBook Pro’s perhaps, but are YOU willing to give up burning audio cds?

    I don’t think so.

    You know, BlueRay is Sony and Sony is Sony/BMG, part of the RIAA, the music industry.

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