Apple to dump Intel integrated graphics chipsets for NVIDIA’s in new MacBooks; Blu-ray, too?

“Apple will announce as part of its special media event Tuesday a new family of MacBooks that will abandoned Intel’s integrated graphics chipsets for those part of NVIDIA’s new mobile platform,” Kasper Jade and Aidan Malley report for AppleInsider.

“People familiar with the matter say, at a minimum, the 13-inch systems will adopt chipsets from NVIDIA’s MCP79 platform, as was predicted earlier this week by technology journalist Ryan Shrout,” Jade and Malley report. “Word of the switch validates claims first published by AppleInsider earlier this summer, speficially that Apple would drop Intel’s stock designs for the first time since the transition to x86 processors in 2006.”

“Apple reportedly will use NVIDIA’s MCP79 platform which “is believed to use a new set of GeForce 9300 and 9400 series integrated mainboard graphics processors. Regardless of which variant Apple uses, both are expected to support the latest visual effects and will theoretically blow past the performance of not just the Intel GMA X3100 video on Apple’s current MacBooks but also the GMA 4500MHD found on newer notebooks using Intel’s reference hardware,” Jade and Aidan Malley report.

“Separately, Digg founder Kevin Rose is claiming in a yet-to-be-shown live Diggnation episode that the new 13-inch MacBooks will include Blu-ray at some level,”Jade and Aidan Malley report.

More in the full article here.

Also, more info via an AppleInsider report from yesterday, “NVIDIA platform claimed likely for new MacBook line,” here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “James W.” for the heads up.]


  1. A Blu-ray drive would be great if your INTERNAL monitor is capable of displaying Full-HD. That’d be the 17″ MacBook Pro with optional high-res display (1920 x 1200).

    Maybe THAT would be the $3000 model that was hypothesized by someone earlier in the week.

    Anyway, it’s log overdue that the macbook line include a REAL graphics card. Those built-in Intel things were crap from Day One!

    RavingMacHead… go crawl back into your spider hole.

  2. “Most people raised in Hawaii are natural tattletales. It’s because they live happy in “paradise” and lose their guard, they become very naive.”

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  3. 99% don’t need blu-ray, esp on a portable! I’d rather see efforts put into home and travel entertainment. I want to play my digital movie content on the entertainment system in my car for my kids before I wan another plastic disc spinner thingie in my portable mac.

  4. “Caribou Barbie”

    OMG, does she come with a 30-06 and a Buck knife? I want one!!!

    ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” />

    BTW, an external blu-ray drive would be fine – I’m not sure they to build them in yet, especially in a laptop. When blu-ray becomes more widely adopted maybe throw it in there.

  5. Microsoft put all kinds of DRM hooks deep in Vista to get HD/blu ray DVD playback into it.
    To get HD playback, you have to have an HDCP compliant monitor.

    Apple will not put these DRM hooks in any OS it develops(I hope).
    There are no HDCP compliant monitors or displays from Apple.
    There is no playback software for OS X that allows blu-ray playback.

    If you want a blu-ray drive so badly for backups-go buy one. They have externals available with Mac software to do data read/write.

  6. I can see the NVIDIA graphics. At least in the ‘upper-end’ MacBooks and most defiantly the MacBook Pro’s.

    Doubtful on the Blu-Ray inclusion, though it if its, it will almost certainly only be on the MacBook Pro’s and if that perhaps only as an added option.

    Other rumors about the ‘low-end’ price point being $800.00 leads me to believe that the lowest end MacBook could be a current model just wrapped in an aluminum case.

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