Apple to spotlight next-gen notebooks October 14

“It’s official: Apple is updating its MacBook laptop line next week – the Mac maker has mailed out invites to an event at which ‘the spotlight turns to notebooks,'” Tony Smith reports for The Register.

“And we turn to what’s likely to be announced. Centrino 2-based – but not branded – MacBook Pros are the most likely, as Apple takes advantage of Intel’s latest mobile-technology update,” Smith reports. “There’s a consensus that the new models won’t look radically different from the current ones, but they will sport black, lozenge-style keyboards of the kind already used on the MacBook Air.”

“Air updates are a distinct possibility as Apple leverages – again – new Intel chip technology and storage developments to offer more capacious HDD and SSD models,” Smith reports. “The consumer-oriented MacBooks look set to go aluminium, just as their desktop equivalent, the iMac, has. Think a 13.3in MacBook Pro.”

Smith reports, “At least one analyst has forecast a MacBook with ‘an aggressive entry-level price point.'”

Full article here.


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