Oppenheimer cuts Apple price target; sees considerable value; reiterates ‘Outperform’ rating

The price target on Apple (AAPL) has been cut by Oppenheimer from $213 to $145.

OIn a note to clients, Oppenheimer analysts see considerable value at these share price levels and has maintained their “Outperform” rating.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Jim W.” for the heads up.]


  1. Obviously to anyone, $213 was no longer realistic in any reasonable time frame. When DOW explores the depths of its post- 11 September lows, it is naïve to expect any stock to triple in its value any time soon.

    From today’s perspective, $145 sounds like an attainable goal in the next year or so.

  2. BUY where there is blood in the streets!

    Take a look at the history of the stock market. When bottom hits…bounce!

    Some are predicting a 8000 bottom, but you can see from the chart we are averaging around 10,000 over time since 98.

    Once the US has changed it’s government around, for bad or worse, stability will be very welcome and the markets will calm by spring.

    All the fools who bought gold now will lose their *sss.

    The time to buy gold was BEFORE the real estate bubble crash, when it was much lower. The signs were all there, a post real estate bubble recession, a change in government…

    History repeats itself, history gets documented, read history and predict the future! make your play and watch everyone else worry.


    Obama = Depression
    McCain = Severe recession

    We can’t win either way, just one will be shorter than the other.

  3. This is quite reasonable. A lot of people are just waiting until things turn around and then the stampede towards the Apple store to buy a new toy will start. In many cases, people are holding back due to fear rather than a real decline in coins jingling in their pocket.

    The question is when will the turnaround come? I suppose it is safer to buy the stock now vs later because I am not if Appl will go down much more. I suspect also that when the elections (Canada and the US) are over in the next little while, things will stabilize.

    Well I can hope can’t I?

  4. To me seeing how aapl keeps dropping along with dow and others.. might as well just hold onto your shares and transfer money to your money market account. Wait till financial institutions get tired of beating down the market and then buy as much as you can and enjoy as the market stabilizes and raises back up. It will happen just not sure when but it will.

  5. I really don’t care how low Apple shares are providing that the companies financials are in good order.

    Things to consider:
    >20B in cash (with current market cap of 85B)
    Close to 3M Macs sold this quarter (~$4.5B revenue)
    Probably 11-12M iPods sold (~$3B revenue)
    Probably >5M iPhones sold (~$3B revenue / 8 (deferred) = $0.4B)

    That’s somewhere in the $8B revenue range. As long as they keep up the good work they will be fine.

    What would kill Apple is if they were to report higher than expected inventory. The last time they did that was in Sept 2000 with the iMac. Their stock tanked 90% and it signaled the beginning of the end of the dotcom boom.

  6. “Obama = Depression
    McCain = Severe recession”
    You’ve got that completely wrong. Well half wrong. It goes like this:

    Obama = Slow recovery
    McCain = Severe Depression

    Why? Because McCain hasn’t got a clue. Worse than that, he’s losing his grip on reality. This guy is not the McCain of even 8 years ago. He’s mentally unbalanced, and in way over his head when it comes to the economy.

  7. TheConfuzed1:

    Your 401k dropped 3k? I feel sorry for you. Mine has gone down $60k (I’m probably older than you), and my brokerage account has lost 54% of its value in a few months, 62% since late last year. I was up to $115k when apple hit $200 last year (had mostly Apple at the time), and am now down to $43k. I could have bought a nice new BMW with those losses, and still had cache left over.

    All my cash is in the market, and my house, but I’m trying like hell to round up more cash to put in to stocks in case of a nice rebound.

    Good luck to all in this turmoil — hold on to your collective a**’s.

    MDN Magic word: much — the current economic situation sucks very MUCH!

  8. Let’s put it this way:
    More War – McCain.
    More Peace – Obama.

    McCain has become dangerous, erratic, angry, irrational. (How else to explain the madness of his VP choice).

    Obama is cool, focussed, intelligent and does not suffer fools lightly. He’s our man to lead us out of the repulsive mess and embarrassments of the past eight years. He’s our man to guide us to “sunnnier uplands” as Churchill once said – or something like it.

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