Microsoft cans Seinfeld; to attempt to rehab Vista with ‘I’m a PC’ Hodgman lookalike

“The long, oft-baffling ‘teaser” ads’ by Microsoft Corp. featuring Jerry Seinfeld and Bill Gates that kicked off two weeks ago are abruptly ending, the company said late Wednesday, as part two of its $300 million Windows marketing rehab campaign begins,” Eric Lai reports for Computerworld.

MacDailyNews Take: Microsoft ought to spend $300 million on coding, not ads.

Lai continues, “Carrying the theme ‘Windows. Life without walls,’ the new ads will show Microsoft ‘audaciously embracing’ the phrase ‘I’m a PC’ — which has been so successfully tarnished by Apple Inc.’s ads the past two years — in order to rehabilitate it.”

MacDailyNews Take: In a world without fences and walls, who needs Gates and Windows?

Lai continues, “One of the new commercials will even show a real Microsoft engineer who is a ringer for John Hodgman, the actor who plays the abused PC character in the Apple ads, introducing himself: ‘Hello, I’m a PC, and I’ve been made into a stereotype,'”

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Stuart Elliott reports for The New York Times, “Mr. Gates makes a cameo appearance in the new Microsoft spots, along with celebrities like the actress Eva Longoria, the author Deepak Chopra and the singer Pharrell Williams. But the stars are everyday PC users, from scientists and fashion designers to shark hunters and teachers, all of whom affirm, in fast-paced, upbeat vignettes, their pride in using the computers that run on Microsoft operating systems and software.”

MacDailyNews Take: All of whom have never tried a Mac or they’d be Mac users regaling us with “I can’t believe how stupid I was for so many years suffering with Windows! I’m so glad I finally switched!” Our reader feedback and email inboxes are stuffed full with such bittersweet missives.

These former everyday PC users definitely will not be featured:
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Elliott continues, “Among them are more than 60 Microsoft employees, who are accompanied in the ads by e-mail addresses — even Mr. Gates’s ().”

MacDailyNews Take: Microsoft employees affirming their pride in using Windows? That’s convincing. By the way, send Gates massively large images of canned ham; he loves that almost as much as getting leaked code from the next Mac OS.

We guess these guys aren’t in the ads:
• No one’s immune to Microsoft Windows hell – not even Bill Gates – June 25, 2008
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Elliott continues, “A giant advertiser responding to the disparagement of a smaller rival can be fraught with peril. Consumers may see it as a validation of the claims, or even bullying. On the other hand, ignoring the taunts can damage images and sales.” Rob Reilly, partner and co-executive creative director at Microsoft’s ad agency, Crispin Porter & Bogusky said that Microsoft’s “celebration of PC users is intended to show them ‘connected to this community of people who are creative, who are passionate.'”

MacDailyNews Take: Is it really a winning sales tactic to celebrate the fact that hundreds of thousands of Internet traffic-clogging Windows PC spambots are connected via TCP/IP to creative, passionate Mac users?

Elliott continues, “The theme of ‘Life without walls’ was the concept for the Microsoft campaign ‘from the beginning,’ he added, because it declares ‘that the goal of Windows is to help remove the walls in your life, now and in the future.'”

MacDailyNews Take: How does shackling yourself to Microsoft “solutions” from which they strive to make it nearly impossible (Outlook, for just one example; by the way, use Little Machines’ Outlook2Mac) to extricate yourself or your business help “remove walls in your life?” It’s just total hypocrisy: Microsoft’s entire business is based on is constructing walls to keep the sheep penned in now and in the future.

Elliott reports, “Coming magazine and outdoor ads focus on how Windows can be used for mobile devices, TV sets and laptops along with PCs.”

MacDailyNews Take: Another one who didn’t get a callback:
• Microsoft sycophant Mary Jo Foley: Windows Mobile is awful; avoid it like the plague – May 08, 2008

Full article here.


  1. The death throes of M$ are in the air. Have been for some while.

    Grappling desperately to change an image that has taken hold of the public by storm; Windows is poor programing.

    M$ needs to take the plunge that Apple did with the switch to a new code for its OS.

    The giant needs a complete rewrite. It’s much flaunted corporate stranglehold is now the one that is stopping M$ from true innovation. It is caught in its own trap and greed.

  2. Seinfeld is the smart one and the winner in this…for what?…just two commercials shot…just how much money did Jerry make?
    For him, I would smile with an additional pocket of dough, enough to supply his house with an Al Gore sized Mac network, and move on to his next image re-invigorating project.

  3. “Mr. Gates makes a cameo appearance in the new Microsoft spots, along with celebrities like the actress Eva Longoria, the author Deepak Chopra. . . “

    Chopra?? That quack? They’re using HIM to help bolster their image? Cripes.

  4. I can’t believe that they are going to go with “I am a PC”. This is another example of how they don’t get it. One of the pillars of the mac/pc commercials is the contrast – not the absolute. Just saying that PC is better than you thought, still doesn’t change the fact that Mac is better than PC. In fact, it sort of reinforces Hodgeman’s premise of saying “I AM COOL! I AM COOL! I AM! I AM! I AM! WAAAH!”
    M$, you need to learn that cool does not depend on the suit – it depends on the soul!

  5. Oh!
    I need a Microsoft PC…
    Anyone know where to get one???
    Does Microsoft make computers???
    Oh NO… What’s up with that???
    This is truly the issue with the Microsoft ecosystem…
    or lack there-of.

    Get a Mac…
    Have a life…

  6. Redmond start your copiers. Wait, you just did…again.

    M$ is just wandering around dazed and confused. This is shameful and won’t fly with the public. It’ll be seen as a cheap copy.

  7. The level of panic at Microsoft and the Windows PC world is awesome and growing. Bad Vista OS (like tight shoes in the shower) is being trasher for XP or programed over. HP is developing their own OS. Dell is shutting factories down. etc. And Apple is growing 60.6% from 6.6% to 10.6% in laptop market share Q207 to Q208. New Apple Stores. New countries. New innovative products and services. etc.

    This Q308 will blow them all away!!!

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