Microsoft launches ‘Mojave Experiment’ Windows Vista rehab site

“Welcome to the ‘Mojave Experiment,'” states Microsoft’s Windows Vista rehab site.

Microsoft asks, “What do people think of Windows Vista when they don’t know it’s Windows Vista?”

MacDailyNews Take: Microsoft has defeated their effort immediately simply because they have chosen the very least tech knowledgeable people to try to fool. People who can’t even recognize WIndows Vista. You won’t find a Mac OS X user in the bunch. That would defeat the purpose, because Mac OS X users are among the most tech knowledgeable people on the planet. Mac users have made conscious technology choice and are therefore better informed. We didn’t write that last sentence; Paul Thurrott of Windows Vista Secrets, Windows IT Pro Magazine, Windows Weekly, SuperSite for Windows, etc. did.

Microsoft’s Windows Vista rehab site continues, “We disguised Windows Vista codename ‘Mojave,’ the ‘next Microsoft OS,’ so regular people who’ve never used Windows Vista could see what it can do – and decide for themselves.”

Finally, Microsoft’s Windows Vista rehab site demands, “Now decide for yourself.”

The site houses a bunch of videos, which, in typical Microsoft fashion, feature ass-backwards operation: The “Play” triangle pauses each video and the “Pause” button plays them. As MacDailyNews Reader “Wingsy” wrote us, it’s “exactly opposite” of how every other video device on the planet works. “I guess it comes from thinking that ‘Start’ means Shut Down.”

Microsoft’s Adobe Flash — not Microsoft Silverlight-based — Windows Vista rehab site is here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers too numerous to mention for the heads up.]

MacDailyNews Take: It’s sad, and telling, that Microsoft has stooped to using the least tech knowledgeable people, Windows XP and earlier users, to fool. This is like taking people who’ve lived all their lives in tar paper shacks to a trailer park filled with double-wides and asking them “Gee, isn’t this great?” Without, of course, ever showing them, or even mentioning, the beautiful mansions on the other side of town. Where the Mac users live.

And, by the way, these tech illiterates were shown a “demo” of Vista. Not let loose with the thing, not allowed to touch things on their own or, God forbid, try to install it and use it on their own PC. “Mojave Experiment?” “Rigged Experiment” is more like it.

So, Microsoft is going to try a $500 million ad campaign designed to convince to their long-suffering XP and earlier sufferers who’ve never used Mac OS X* (or else they’d be totally unimpressed with Vista disguised as “Mojave”) that even though 10,000 reviewers ran Windows Vista through extensive reviews and found it generally to be a derivative, bloated, hardware-taxing, incompatible, falsely-advertised, overpriced pile of crap that they were wrong. Everybody was wrong: the majority of corporate IT people who will not upgrade to Windows Vista, the Windows-centric and Windows-dependent reviewers, the Windows “power users,” everybody. Because Microsoft thinks they’re smarter than you and smarter than everybody. And you and everyone else made exactly the wrong choice by buying those iPods and now those iPhones and for even thinking about – much less actually – dumping Microsoft’s magnificent Windows for Macs in droves.

Bottom line: Microsoft is planning on spending $500 million to tell each person on the planet 50 times per week, “You’re just an ignorant fool and you’re stupid for not liking Windows Vista.”

Just try to keep them out of the Apple Stores, Microsoft, or your ruse is doomed.

* Microsoft’s Windows Vista rehab site does state that 22% of those duped were “Apple OS” users at one time or another, we assume – which, we guess, means: Apple DOS users back in the 1980s! Nice try, Microsoft, you weasels.

MacDailyNews’ Recommended Reading: Wil Shipley’s (Delicious Monster) excellent essay: “The Mojave Experiment:” Bad Science, Bad Marketing


  1. Actually, ‘Mojave’ as a name is a hell of a lot better than the bland ‘vista’ moniker. However, a namechange won’t save Windows from its crippling stupidity.

    I must say how wonderfully profligate MS has become. For half a billion dollars, surely – surely – they could poured it into making Windows something Apple could compete against.

    OS X almost has it too easy. Put both OSes together and there’s absolutely no contest whatsoever.

    I’m waiting for the next press release saying they’re committing a BILLION dollars into promoting Vista the week they replace it with XP SP4, er, Windows Vienna, 7, whatever…

    At the end of the day, if MS is so desperate to rid itself of cash, they could give it back to the shareholders!

  2. Well I have to admit… They are good ads.

    Now, before you ream me, I’m not saying Vista is good.. I’m saying the ADS are good and they likely will strike a chord with the Joe six packs of America.

  3. Andy,

    That would be a neat test. Have a Vista PC and a Mac side by side and have those same people try various actions on one and then the other.

    If all of the Windows security is turned on, I’m sure it would be an enlightening experience for them. Internet Explorer against Safari, Media Player against iTunes.

    Then show them all of the great extras that come with a Mac, such as iLife. Wouldn’t be much of a contest.

  4. I watched a few of those, but they were so overlapping and there was no real substance.

    Actually *show* the people using the OS, don’t just have them talk about it.

    The responses were not very convincing, simply because the people seemed sooooo convinced.

  5. Just wait until they actually try and install it at home. Most of them would struggle to get the stupid box open. It’s fine to show them something on the latest super expensive computer, but as soon as they try put it on their home desktops and laptops they’ll be wishing they weren’t so stupid!

    You can have those users Windoze, we don’t want them!

  6. How bout the guy who WASN’T convinced??!! he’s there if you look hard enough…
    …and to try and make you feel like he discovered something good about the system, they take a possibly real challenging question – how come its so fast?? …as in every other version I’ve used is as slow as a pig and therefore you must have rigged this experiment etc and try to spin it as a good thing…

    check it out – the guy really looks supiciously at them when they reveal its vista… and how do we know it was vista they were using??? do they ever show them actually using it??

    dodgy man…

  7. So….Mojave includes a Windows employee who will handle the computer for me and do things easily..and as one of the persons says……”that seems easy”…

    I totally agree !!!! It COULD even be easier than my current setup: Myself and Leopard….

  8. I used to see videos of gorillas that ate a bunch of bananas. Their systems couldn’t process so much sugar at once, so they’d get drunk and stagger around. On one hand, you would think how unfortunate it was that the gorilla had lost its bearings. On the other hand, you would laugh at the video and the drunken gorillas.

    Microsoft is the drunken gorilla. Did they ever want to make the best OS ever? Doesn’t look like it.

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